ACR Handguard Options

Hi all, there doesnt seem to be much in the way of ACR metal handguards. The 3 options seem to be:

  1. Remington Handguard
  2. Tri-side 7" Handguard
  3. Keymod Handguard

Is there another option?

I’m keen to see what the above look like once fitted. Please post your pics of your ACR’s metal handguard upgrades if you have them!

remington keymod

I wish there was an mlok version of that last keymod one.

Not sure if I should convert my ACR to a bullpup which would need a nice solid handguard like that.


Thinking it would make a great pistol…

Don’t forget to search for airsoft stuff… Like “masada aeg handguard metal” etc
They will probably all fit with a little modification…

I saw a full metal acr upper for one somewhere…

This might work :

Also ask on the acr forum

Hey Muzza, here’s some pics of mine with the keymod handguard. I really like it, good feel and quality, and I really like the colour but the length of it really caught me off guard. I didn’t pay enough attention to that part :joy:.
Pictured above it is the original outer barrel that came on the ACR to give you an idea of the length. So it’s also got the long metal outer barrel upgrade, and that the only reason you can see any barrel making it past the handguard :sweat_smile:.

Also attaching it turns out to be a bit of a pain, as it doesn’t line up with the holes that are there. So you put some more holes and then have to secure it…I ended up using a drill bit blank from China that I cut down to size, cut some grooves near each end and secured it with some e-clips that I picked up from Bunnings for a few bucks. I was impressed with how well that actually works.

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Where does one buy that handguard? Please email me with specifics:

Here you go… Look around and you might find it cheaper

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