ACR .... I love this

So this is the latest with the ACR. …
1.3mm spring and o rings
Stainless tightbore barrel
11.1v battery stored in buttstock bag
LeHui dual drum mag
Upgrade motor
It is so much fun now!


Which tight bore barrel did you get? And what gels do you intend on using?

It’s a stainless 35 cm (I think 7.2mm). I run clear ghost gels. They seem to be the best. It is also is pretty good with milkies. I have it sitting around 290 fps now and I am super happy with it. I shaved a little off the mag well in the receiver to accept the LeHui drum mag. And it is so much fun.

Nice work Bro that looks mean as… What the rof like?

Thanks mate…it has certainly tried my patience. It is up over 21+ rps at the moment. Although batteries were not fully charged. But I am still happy with that.

21rps Nice it’s getting there took me awhile to get my first blaster (scarv2) to high ros but that was after extensive trial and error and alot of outsourcing of parts but it’s definitely on the right path good luck with it. And if you have any queries just pm me

80rps!! Post a video. Ive never seen one shoot that quick. Must sound like a chainsaw.

Yeah bro video or it didn’t happen :rofl:

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Maybe he just has fast fingers? Like this guy!!

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Here’s one before i did the last couple mods. But I’ll take a new one aswell

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That aint 80 rps.
This is mine at 36 rps

I know I’m saying this was mine before I got it to that.

Ahh ok cant wait to see the video should sound pretty cool. Something like this ?


FML don’t I feel stupid I think I’m gonna get the chrono Ch3cked or better replaced. Coz it ain’t firing that fast so if that’s 80 mine would be sitting at around 50.

reminds me of the real warthog…


How did you get that mag in the magwell? did you take any photos of how much material was removed and where from? Which version of the mag is it?

Cheers. looks good!