ACR j10 480 motor base plate

Can u use these ones with 480?

I’m not sure which one you are talking about. But if you get the metal blackout kit ( trigger, mag release, fire select switches,ejection port cover and handle with a motor cover) it is 480 compatible. Stay away from printed ones as they can melt if your motor gets hot.


Are u positive they are 480 compatible?

Yes as @Sprocketj mentioned you need to use the correct one to suit the ACR and I also would not use a 3d printed one.

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Brown is stock. Yours looks 480 compatible

Are you having an issue using it ?

I thought that too but couples others said they dont fit the 480 the metal ones from the metal kits

Nah wanting a 480 motor. The big dragon 160

I haven’t tried it yet. I’m a couple weeks off getting a 480 but I had been told by two different very experienced shop techs that the metal plate will work.

Hahaha ive been told by a very popular tech saying they dont. Sooo confused aha. Wish someone here has done it and works :frowning:

There is only 2mm difference in length and the other dimensions are the same.
Leave the adjustment screw out and check the pinion height , I never use the screw in the base for adjustment anyway.
The most you would have to do would be file it a tiny bit so the motor sits further into the base plate.

you will have to remove material to fit a 480 using that metal base. Will add a photo tomorrow.

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Yess please add photo

You would only need to file the area between the lines slightly deeper

I had to slim down and shorten the arms as well to fit shs high torque.

Okay i defantly need photos tomorrow haha. Hard to do?

Care to share how you go about this. Many thanks for all your advice.