Acr j10 glow mags?

Just wondering if anyone has bought glow mags that work for the acr j10 link the site

Pretty sure as mentioned the ldt that fits gen8 and file it down is the best way.

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You have to make your own. I got a couple j9 and an acr. The acr for a bit of an experiment I made with a switch that can turn the glow function off to save battery for day time use.

Check previous post. Someone put LDT mag tracer but need trimming

Just get the warinterest mags and file the sides of the spine. Took me 5 minutes to do. You only need 0.5mm off both sides at the most and only about 2 or 3 inches down as the rest doesn’t go in the blaster.

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I was talking specifically acr mags. My bad. Didn’t make it clear enough.

Just stick UV light strip (waterproof). Connect wires mag terminal. Work effectively with auto. For semi, need to install mag prime.

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