ACR J10 HOPUP what is everyone using

Who has a acr j10, if so what hopup are you using?
Thanks in advance.

I have tried 3 different 3d printed ones (printed myself) but they all shred the gels when leave leave the barrel. Will try and print again and see how they go. I think its because the ones i have printed are not smooth on the inside and need a little sanding/filing

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Gonna be that guy. Do a forum search, thread on this topic already

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My answer wasnt on the other post, also alot of different hopups out since then.

I’m using this one (printed myself in PETG). Was also shredding gels till I cleaned it up a little inside (file and heat ■■■). Seems to work okay—better range, but slightly less accurate.

Which version on the thingiverse link fits the ACR J10? Thanks

I used the 9.55mm version (attached to my inner barrel). There is also a remix with 14mm CCW thread that should (in theory) screw onto the outer barrel here.