ACR J10 metal kit fitting

Just a quick one on how to fit the ejection port cover to the spring rail in the upper receiver.

I’ve stripped it down but am not sure how the guide rod comes out to fit it into the new metal cover?


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Not to sure how far in you are now mate but. I ended up doing mine quite easily. So I thought! The plate that slides and locks to the rear “shell ejection port” now, if I pull back it will come but doesnt lock in, my safety switch is really weirdly placed as well. However, the mag release and trigger is fine, ive since taken mine into tac edge to have it done properly,

need to make the hole bigger where the spring sits so it can compress / decompress properly.
Original plastic one
Added a washer as a spring stop
Bend the front inwards at bottom so it catches the bolt catch


Ok thanks for the reply, so how did you get the spring guide rod out, as mine looks glued in and fixed in place.

grip with thin nose pliers and twist while pulling backwards.

Cheers I’ll give it a crack!

Yep, worked a treat, l just had to get a bit rough with it.

I had to slighly bend the front edge of the body cover as well to engage the hold open device.

Thanks for the pictures,

Got a photo of how it looked with the metal kit?