Acr j10 need help

Hi just wondering if i will need to short stroke or take any teeth off. Acr j10 with 16.1 gears and m120 spring and a bigdragon 160 motor.

The science in this sport has many variables in addition to what you’ve listed.
How does it shoot?

Havent put it together yet but i dont wanna do it and rip it to bits

You should be ok with that combo, but you need to run it for a few short bursts and inspect the rack to know for sure.

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Shave down first tooth on the piston a little bit to be safe?

What piston and which tooth ?

As Cruise said there a variables and the total piston weight is one of them.
If your piston and piston head are not heavy and your using a 14t rack you will be fine to run it for a few short bursts on auto, but do not dry fire it.

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There is no ideal setup or combo that works with blasters and you can’t pre-empt every possible hiccup beforehand.
Moreover, change too many things at once without testing and you won’t know where to look when it doesn’t behave as expected. The backtracking will have you opening it up even more times.
Taking your blaster apart is part and parcel with modding and upgrading and you will need a ton of patience. Even then, having everything working perfectly can still be a day to day proposition.
On the bright side, the ACR is one of the easier blasters to dismantle to work on.

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