ACR J10 No0b Help

Hi guys,

I just purchased a J10.
Very cool toy.

The build feels very solid and nice, shooting is very fun too.
So far Im just shooting straight out the box with the gels provided. I wish it had some more power at least so it would leave some sort of mark on cardboard targets so you could see where you hit. Also if there is anything to help the accuracy as its a little bit all over the place I find.

What Hop up should I get?
And also looking for a spare battery any suggestions?
Also are there any other upgrades that are worth while doing?

Thank you.

First thing you need to do is replace the o ring. Then it will be leaving marks or holes in cardboard.

As for accuracy, one of the best hopups I’ve found is

It’s metal on the outside and the bit that makes it work on the inside is also metal. You can get some that are 3d printed but if you do, at least make sure the hop bit is metal


As Marty said, the O ring… and probably a 1.3mm spring while you are at it…

Then I would save up for this kit… They are $89 at the moment (delivered)… you get about $150 bux worth of stuff (for $89) and you have every part you need other than a bearinged spring guide.

Beats the poop out of buying the parts individually… and from all different sellers. Once it arrives, you have everything in one go. Just make sure of the barrel length you require and advise seller… also let them know (or get) a J10 T piece. :+1:

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Thanks mate!

Where do I pick up a O ring and is there a specific one for the j10?

More info on that bad boy, @Arty_Marty?

This one looks good for $2.50

The bigger diameter (25mm) with the thinner rubber are better than the smaller diameter (24mm) thicker rubber.

The O ring on the piston should look like it is too loose and you have to cram the last of the O ring in when putting piston into cylinder (with lube)

If you fit the 24mm (fatter) o ring in the groove on the piston… the air holes cant “breathe” properly

I have had alot of success with black O rings from Chinese sets of O rings.

$14.87 aint bad for 419 O rings … and you get 10 that fit blasters pistons :muscle: :+1:

You will need some oil and grease too… this looks like a good deal and I have dealt with Posherilla, seems legit

thanks for all the help guys.
its been very helpful!
As far as batteries what would you suggest?

I got my hopup from here but it was only $16 so you might want to shop around


Thanks I will look around :slight_smile:Where did you pick up your batteries?

I got my 3S batteries off ebay… they are the small ones to go in the tube… they cost an arm and a leg and don’t last long because of the small size.

You can get much bigger rectangular batteries for not much more… I am going to cut the stock under the cheek flap thing (like a SCAR) and fit a bigger battery in there… so, don’t rush and buy the expensive small ones…

Batteries can also be put in fore grips and piccatinny battery carriers

I suggest sticking to 2S until you have metal gears… On 3S, my Gen 9 got half way through the first mag and chewed the gears… the J10 went ok on 3S stock…

These are the tiny batteries at $29 each… do yourself a favor and change to deans connectors or XT60’s… and squeeze real batteries in somewhere else

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These are only $3 more than those tiny weenie little ones…

Calcifer, You think this battery will be ok with my stock plastic gears?

Does anyone modify and sell gearboxes that are totally modded and geared up to go?

I doubt plastic gears would appreciate 3S… my nylon gears lasted half a mag… but you can find a 2S battery the same size (dimensions) as the 3S you will one day run once you have modded yours.

I say to people new to blasters, your first one, put in a seal, O ring and alloy barrel and run it 2S… then, buy a second one (or just the cases) and one of those ‘Luxury kit" … watch all of Low Guido’s videos and then hot up the second one… whilst having good ol’ number one to play with any time (reliable) Guido’s vids are awesome… I even learned from them :flushed: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :grin: If I can, anyone can :grinning:

I have heard of alot of people buy one blaster, try to mod it… fail… then get sick of it and leave the hobby… :roll_eyes:

You will eventually buy a second one… may as well face the addiction and get another one asap… just keep one reliable and ready to go at any time. Nothing worse than having a great blaster being modded (but: its at home waiting for a trigger spring or some silly thing…

Once you realise how simple the gearboxes are, and how they work… you will not want/trust a complete gearbox from a shop… especially when they want to charge $200 for one.

Learn from Guido, build your own… soon you will be stinging others with much pain :muscle:


That’s not true at all.

They buy one blaster, try to mod it… fail, then buy another blaster to mod whilst the first one sits around in pieces. Then, they try and mod the second one… fail, and buy a third (with blasters #1 and #2 still sitting around in pieces), and stick to just cosmetic mods. Shortly after, they try and mod the gearbox of the third one… fail, but then manage to fix something from the first gearbox that they were waiting on parts for in the mail from some far-East county - so the first blaster is working again. Then, they see blasters on sale for 20% off and buy #4 and #5, remembering that #2 and #3 still aren’t functional yet, but meantime - the gearbox has broken in #4 because you’ve put a 1.5 spring, 6:1 gears and 3S 11.1v’er in it, and… and…and…

The saddest part of this is… it’s not a joke :rofl:


BBF… you forgot to mention… after they have done all of this… they reckon blasters are useless and terribly unreliable… that is why they were ‘forced’ to give them up… (we need a little ‘violin’ emoticon) :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:

Oh wait, here’s one


Oh sh*t…that’s how I ended up with 8

6 of mine are beasts

One is decent but…Rx akm so not stressing it

And one is new with parts in the mail


Probably a stupid question, but I can’t figure out how to close the aesthetic port on the side of the blaster.

Gday MG70Gaming, I had the same with my J10. Just pull down on the 2 black lugs just in front of the trigger

Thanks! I appreciate the help! I don’t know how I didn’t try that haha. Anyway, have a nice day!

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