ACR J10 Pinion Gear removal


Just wondering if somebody has removed the pinion gear and replaced it with a metal one on the ACR J10 and has any tips they could provide?

Can’t seem to find any way to take the old Nylon one off the motor.


Sure have. I took a pair of pliers to it.

Needle nosed pliers and a punch

Hold the shaft under the pinion, punch through from the top of the pinion

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Get one of these for next time.
It’s the least damaging way to remove a pinion gear.


Thanks guys! Got it off, any tips for getting a metal one back on?

see some vids i no they are AS but should be the same

PLEASE NOTE support the shaft at opposite end of motor you do NOT want to bash the pinion on without doing that the video does not show this the puller in the 2nd video has support for this and this puller will remove and install new one safe as without damage

and recommend this puller looks awesome