ACR J10 - Should I go a 1.3 spring?


So have the basic upgrades to my ACR, 1.2 spring and green o’ring. Everything else is stock, can I push it and upgrade to a 1.3 spring?


As long as the factory shimmed the gearbox ok, a 1,3mm spring should be ok. I have put 1.3mm spring in several Gen 9 and J10’s … some have worked fine, some have stripped gears (especially using 3S battery)…

Putting in a 1.3mm spring with stock battery, will drain the battery sooner… so you may need to carry a spare battery in a game… just in case.:+1:


I run a 1.3mm with metal components and it runs well.
I tried with nylon gears and destroyed the pinion almost immediately.
As @Calcifer said the standard battery dies very quickly but IMHO it is a good upgrade


Thanks man. Wait till upgrade gears.

What you need to do is keep one almost stock… just with the 1.2mm or 1.3mm spring, good O ring and maybe an alloy barrel… then get a second one to modify. AKA: Old Faithful :+1:

many people buy ONE blaster and try to upgrade it… sometimes the upgrades work, other times there are issues… nothing worse than either not having your only blaster ready (waiting for parts) drama

Or you get to the game and it doesn’t work properly (or at all) badluck

Old faithful is always on hand… might not be a super hot blaster… but at least you can still play…:grin:


Thanks bro, good advice.