ACR J10 T-piece exit hole size way small O_o?

so with in the random bucket of gels i got, happen to have some glows in there,
so i spend a whole night sorting them out into random blues, milky and glowing

was testing out the glowing just now and notice almost all of them shuttered when exiting the barrel, which is 7.5 id, i have notice they are a bit bigger than milkies, but i thought it would be ok with my barrel size… and obviously i was wrong…

so i took the barrel out and did a blow test by mouth, they are fine going in from barrel side no damage to the gels when exiting from the t-piece side,
however, when i try to do it from the T-piece side, they all get jam up and when i poke them out with a chopstick, i notice they have a perfect mushroom stem like cut out around one side of the gel.
so i look inside the t piece, and notice the diameter of the hole is actually noticeably smaller than the barrel id, and is rather flat and sharp around the hole…

i can understand why that hole would be smaller than the barrel id, but there is no reason for it to be flat and sharp edged, is there a safe way to add a bit of smooth bevel to it?
also, how much meat is actually there between the opening and the tip of the barrel inside t-piece?

i think by adding a bit of bevel there (not to increase its id),
it will help with gel breaking issue, and perhaps some other gel size related problem as well?

Side note:
this applies to both the stock t-piece with clear plastic tube
and 2 of the ebay sealed barrel / t-piece combo i have

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Rat tail file to clean it up, but for $5 I’d probably just bin it and use one another one that wasn’t crap?

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I have tried 3 t piece I got, one stock j10 and two ebay one, same issue

I would assume most t piece on the market are designed the same? I will try filing a bit see if it helps tho

Oh right!

This is what the inside of one of mine looks like:

So it looks like there is some difference in them out of the box then?

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oh thanks for the photo O_O!
see how its got a bit of bevel there,
non of mine has that lol

The bevel is where the nozzle contacts and seals so they have to have it.
What brand t pieces do you have ?
That a photo exactly like the one above so we can see

So I’ve seen two types, one has a cylindrical insert which goes around the back of the barrel, and then the rest of the t clips together around that. I think that’s the one in the picture. I also have others which just have more material in the sides of the T and the barrel slides into them. Just FYI, in case it makes a difference.