Acr j10. T-PIECE Whos 3d printing them

Just wondering if anyont out there is 3d printing the the j10 t pieces.

Sure you can’t buy them? I just bought 2.

3d printed objects are prone to layer separation and the constant impact of the nozzle tends to quicken that failure.

Yesh ya can buy them but from what ive read the 3d printed ones gave a heaps better seal and also didn’t break lile the other ones

That is unusual.
Resin printed ones are stronger but filament ones are weak, (each rounded layer only attached to the next via a thin strip), even as hop-ups.
They also can lose their shape when warm.
Up to you. It might hold up if designed to be thicker.

Yes and no. Filament-based prints only have heat related issues with low-temp polymers like PLA (which, to be fair, is the most common). PETG, ABS and nylon are fine.

As for layer separate–again depends on filament type, print temp, post processing etc.

I anyone has good dimensions (or an existing model), I’d have as stab in PETG (I have a busted J10 t-piece myself).


Surly someone has a file to help you print one. Ill go on the hunt for a file

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I understand. I’m not confident of their ability to handle the vibration and stress that already destroys solid plastics.
Another consideration is smoothness.
The gels are easily scratched and damaged and 3d filament prints are not smooth. Add the pressure on the gels from the mag feed and the nozzle, especially at the fire rates the ACR is capable of and it is the one place a printable component would seem the least suitable. Gels often get pushed back down the feed tube.
In the field, gels often break printed hop ups and that’s just from them brushing past.
Anyway, just my thoughts and my concerns may be unwarranted.
I’m keen to see how you go.

im currently using a 3d printed tpeice atm with no issues and its solid as. Purchased from blaster supplies for $20. But wanted to know if anyone else is printing there own cheaper as i need another. They are super solid and have a way better seal than the Standard ones.

They do look solid.
What kind of seal issues were you having with the stock tpiece?

I can totally see smoothness being an issue (especially on my prints!)

I bought 2 last month for a build @ $2.74ea

Hmmmm… That’s cheaper than I could find them even on AliExpress… Where’d you get them from?

From Ali.


I bought 10 of them for $11 from aliexpress

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Wow! Have u got a link?

not hard to find on aliexpress