ACR j10 upgrades

Hey guys recently got the acr j10 it’s pretty cool but looking to upgrade it, has anyone done so and how do they compare to stock ones?
Looking for more accuracy so will be getting an alloy barrel barrel and jump up and Oring, not sure about an 11v battery or gear upgrade yet

Welcome @Hewberthoward. The nylon box handles the upgrades very well. I’ve upgraded:

  • MST Cylinder
  • Slong Double o-ring cylinder head & Nozzle
  • Slong Nylon piston with metal rack
  • Lonex 18:1 gearset & anti-reverse
  • GBA 1.25 Spring
  • SHS Motor
  • 35cm Bruisemaster barrel
  • 11v battery

It’s sitting around 308 FPS with milkies. I feel I should have gone for the 40cm barrel.


Nice one man that’s sexy

What was it that you painted this with?

I did it with Tamiya paints. Firstly the plastic primer then the black… then a satin clear. Although the hobby shop said the clear really wasn’t necessary.

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And it holds up pretty well??

Yer so far so good. Wear point will be the grip and foregrip. Only been out and about for 3 weekends.

Hey bigweetbix was the 1.25 spring the biggest you can go with the acr I tried 1.4 but had no luck getting the plunger engaged

No I’m sure you could go more. I did swap out the motor for an SHS though.

Just got my tan scope for my JM ACR.
I haven’t done anything to the internals yet.
It’s a very solid build.

It is a real challenge finding tan or sand coloured accessories at a good price…


hey @IronSpear what rails are they i have been looking everywhere for them and cant find any

also what are some internals you guys suggest for a beginnner to do

G’day mate.

I bought these rails for my acr

Keymod 5 7 13 Slot Set Picatinny/Weaver Rail Handguard ABS Tan

$3.49 from ebay.

I havent done any internal mods on it yet.

good luck.

Would all those parts work well with a 40cm? Should go for it and try it out if you can

Hey mate @IronSpear where did you end up getting your acog scope?

Any websites you got for tan attachments?

Hiya @Ryno12345.
I got the sight from ebay

32mm M2 Sighting Telescope Laser Sight Rifle Scopes Red Green Dot Laser Scope

Solidly manufactured.
Best one I could find for the price.

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Where did you find those parts? Really nice set set up. on Fb

I have noticed it is very difficult to find ‘matching’ accessories for sand colored blasters… it seems no two companies manufacture anything with any color regularity

Both my SCAR and J10 are sand colored, but the J10 has a lighter colored butt stock and the magazines are all more brown… the SCAR has a lighter colored flip up cheek thingy

The assembly people must be colorblind (or dont care) :woozy_face:


I agree there is a wide variety of “sand” coloured accessories.

sand, tan, khaki etc etc etc

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Hi y’all. Just got into blasters. My mods are

Gearbox mods
green o ring
CNC Stainless Steel Air Cylinder Head
Stainless cylinder
Stainless spring guide
Metal pull Bridge with Stainless strong return spring
Gears Metal Parts (shimmed)
1.3mm wire spring
Plunger ladder with 14th tooth ground out
11.1v lipo
Barrel mods
Tight Bore 43cm Metal Barrel 7.1mm cut down to 38cm bonded
Outer Barrel Front Stabilizer
Inner barrel Hopup
14mm Long Type Reverse Thread Metal Outer Barrel
Worker Mod AK Flash Hider
Outer Mods
Holographic Tactical Dot Laser Sight
Protector Ladder Rail Cover for Picatinny Rail
Double Mag Coupler Clip
Buttstock Ammo Pouch with Cheek Rest
Tactical Vertical Fore Grip
8Pcs Metal Fittings Accessories
5,3,2.5 Slot Metal Weaver Rail
single point tan sling
grip tape cut to fit pistol grip textured area
Tamiya tan, rubber black, clear coat, primer

coming along nicely

Am waiting on a few parts . will update