Acr/m4 gear boxes

Are the ACR and M4 gearboxes the same. My acr boxe shit itself and was looking to just replace it with a drop 8n box from xforce.

Depends on which m4 you are talking about.
Most v2 gearboxes fit in the J10 acr. I think a gen9 fits in there too.
I’d just get a nylon v2 gearbox.

But what do you mean shit its self? You could probably fix it for a lot less. And learn a lot too. Which is half the fun. There is not much inside one you know… It’s not that scary :grin:

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I have redone most of it but the sector gear rod pushed up and out of its bearing not really sure what cause it. Pushed it back in sealed it up the something else seems to have gone. Just getting sick of pulling it apart just want to go back to stock with spring and oring and stop screwing around with the gears such a pain.

Also its a j10 acr and a j9 m4 box