Acr mag doesn't fit gen9 o.O?

Just notice today that gen9 mag fits acr fine,
But acr mag doesn’t lock in with gen9,
Is this normal o.O??

Have at the mag catch on both magazines, willing to bet the ACR’s mag catch is higher on the mag

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Yes, it’s normal…

The J9 mag is about 1 to 2mm longer looking at the top, so although if you align them at the back (the narrower part that fits in the channel guide) the holes appear to line up, if you align them at the front then the holes that the mag catch go into are out by that 1-2mm

So both work in the ACR (and Gen8 mags work in the ACR as well) but Gen9 mags work only in the Gen8 and Gen9 and ACR mags pretty much only work in the ACR (they work in the Gen8 but they’re pretty tight and you need a special technique to remove them)

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Also, Gen9 mags work fine in the Gen8, if that is a bit of information you need…

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i see O_O!
i thought i might have mess up positioning the t-piece in the gen9 or something causing it to jam haha.
thanks for the info guys!

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Gen 8 mags are thicker across the spine on the back than 9s. HK416 mags are wider.

With a bit of filing and not much nylon removed you can run Gen 8 mags, HK416 tracer and standard mags, as well as 9s of course. Modding your mag well to take bigger mags means your originals might rattle… but that’s what gaffer tapes for. :+1:

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yah i’ve seen video on that little mod,
i am more curious as how to get a j10 ACR mag to fit Gen9 tho?
or is there a ACR style looking mag that is cross compatible with gen9 m4 and j10 ACR O_O??

ACR are just standard PMAG, yeah?

I don’t think you’re going to get anything other than Gen 9 mags to fit unless you get filing. It’s worth it for the convenience of running lots of different mags in your blaster. HK416 mags fit mint in mine and they’re PMAG style.

yah the magpul design stuff, love magpul designs :ok_hand:
i dont think it’s a filing issue with the ACR / GEN9 tho,
coz it fits inside, but some reason the mag realise won’t click into place.

i will check out the HK416 mag, nice to know at least the mags a cross compatible between different manufactures

HK416 mags don’t fit without modifying the mag well. I filed mine out.

ACRs mags must have a different latch position.