ACR MK Tactical H92 Fit and Fire test

A few updates for those hanging out for that drop-in solution for their ACR. I don’t consider myself a serious “Modder” and to be honest I think you don’t have to be when working with precise purpose-built hardware. This box is a gamechanger for the gel blaster enthusiast, I could easily hand this to my son (@LuckyLiam) who knows how to shim and index AOE (thanks to youtube) and know that he can build something that hammers and is reliable game after game.

So here’s the evolution of my fit and fire tests, some of the comments and commentary are directed to other testers and Max himself at MK.

Fit and Fire test #1

Fit and Fire test #2

Fit and Fire test #3


Nice work! Definitely a game changer for gel ballers

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Totally agree with that.