Acr mk92 questions

Hey all.
Just doing some shopping and wondering what eveyones ideal acr upgrade motor of choice.

Going in a mk 92h with 18:1 shs
Was thing this one or another hai chi , or shs maybe?
Are those 8.4v purple things ok on a 7.4 or 11.1?
Input appreciated


Also , for the mk 92h is 8mm shs ok or am I going to need slim ones? Not looking forward to that bit from what Ive read

@Rattler ?

I use half and half


And on the motors?

Cool you know anywhere stocking the slim ones mate?

Thanks your inputs always appreciated!!:grinning:

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Might get that 460s for 70?

i had one of these in my acr using an m120 doing 400fps@24rps on 11.1v. 18:1 shortstroked 2 teeth

but i only payed $35 from here.
being 460 no change of motor plate needed as well.

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Just put one in a gen 8!

What do you mean don’t have to change the plate? Is that more of a gen 9 thing? Same with the yellow one? Cheers

j9/j10 stock motor is 460 long.

Ended up getting the acr j10 chi hai for $25 to see what thats like and was finishing an order so chucked it in.
If not Ill go from there

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Cheers just got the blue one. Pity there was nothing else there I wanted.
Was about to make an xforce order , good timing and thanks heaps bro

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Will a metal gen 9 spring guide work on with the 92 box? @Rattler I think I remember you mentioned I may have an issue with this bit .

I have a spare gen 9 box I can take parts I need for the trigger bit.
Am I going to need something else with the fire select or trigger a gen 9 box doesnt have? Or is an upgraded version etc

Just trying to order everything I need instead of finding out later and waiting for postage.


Yes that spring retainer will fit just make sure it has the thread in the back because it needs it to be held straight or it will tilt.
I used a v2 trigger.
The fire select should fit np as will any v2 type

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Oh lordy its arrived


Got some other stuff for it today like motor ,cylinder and bushings.

The piston head I ordered wasnt available so this was sent. Any one used , seems ok but a bit chunky no?
And what brand is this??

if it only has 6 holes it will have vacuum. i only had success with that style with 8 holes. also where the oring sits will probably need deburring back of holes

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Yeah without taking it out the packet ,the 6 holes look tiny . Not going to bother with it . Just going to get rid of it . Cheers

Trying to find the perfect balance of large holes and also room for the oring to move a bit as some are tight little grooves once a green orings in

@CaptainAwesomepants this one above.

About to order a Perun v2 mosfet as Im not keen on spending any more than that and titan and leviathin too much.
Pretty much my best option yeah?
@Rattler ?

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