ACR/R-J10 "AK Magazine Version"

Spotted this “7.62” AK-magazine ACR variant, but haven’t managed to find any more info since

Anyone got more details?

Interesting to note the J12 magazine interoperability


It’s a prototype, thats one of the LDT warinterest crew

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To me that’s a downgrade.

Available in China now

Imagine it will land here eventually - give us plenty of time to figure out if we all hate it too much to buy one :slight_smile:

Probably more interested in the prospect of a PMAG to suit my J11/12 than this questionable design

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Anyone bpught one of these yet? Available at afew of the vendors.

AK mags compatible?

It’s just the new version of acr with upgraded mag, tactoys advertised them last week.

Interchangeable between J11 and J12 mags/blasters

Since then real steel have 2 type of amo. Why not the just make AK mag for the acrj10. So we can have 2 type of mag. Hahahhaa

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I by accident got one of these Acr/r. Just clicked on the wrong one on the website. It’s the same just with AK looking mag and can use AK MAGS. Problem is waiting for mags and tee peice to be available. Several places tell me about a month away. So carnt do barrell until then. Tried to get tee peice out but started to get to risky so will just wait.