ACR v2 gearbox not firing

Hey guys I’ve just fully done my gearbox but seem to be having the issue where I pull the trigger it pulls the piston back but not back far enough to release it again

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Doesnt sound like its fully done then…

Ha sorry couldnt resist.

What battery you using? Volts brand etc

And is there a v2 of the acr ? I know the black ones are fully blacked out now but any changes? the tac edge video says v2 but that was when they were released.

if i gather correctly…your compression cycle does not complete?

is the sector gear completing its revolution or getting stuck toward the end of the shared gearset?

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Also what spring?

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Stuck towards the end I believe, pulls the spring all the way back but doesn’t go far enough for it to fire

The spring is a 1.18 uneven

It is just the standard gearbox inside it, I have done 13:1 gears, bearings. 14 tooth piston, strong return spring cylinder head and nozzle. It is still running the standard motor atm, and only off of a 7v battery

While you had it open, did it cycle properly by hand without the spring?