Adding detergent or other lubricants to growing gels

Hey gang,

When reading instructions on how to grow gels, they often recommend not including dish washing detergent or other lubricants as it can damage the blaster’s internals.

However I’ve seen people mentioning to add a drop of detergent/lube as a way to help gels grow more consistently.

I guess basically what I’m asking; is the consensus to add a lubricant of some kind for better results or are the risks to the blaster components not worth it?

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I’ve had pretty good results just from growing them in the fridge, it turned the normally bad clear gels into something I could actually use effectively.

I’ve got a batch growing which I let soak in silicone spray for 30 minutes like I saw Milkman mention. We’ll see how they do.

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secret sauce never seems to get to the gels…

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I think the only damage detergent could do is cause the lubricant in your blaster to break down by acting as a surfactant
Just means you’d need to check more often that the gearbox internals are lubricated.

Just remember detergent is what you use to break down a lubricant. It’s not the opposite of a lubricant, but it is the anti - lubricant.

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Ive tried batches with a bit of detergent in them, hasnt done any damage. But logically dish soap has a surfactant in it that will break down the lubricating oils. So I can see where the concern is for the gearbox. So just make sure you spray some silicone spray in the piston area by popping out the spring and giving it a good squirt, I also use silicone grease on the gears, so it would all blend well together. I have heard that adding starch to the water makes the gels rock hard, havent tried it myself, but it will be a experiment I will do soon’ish.

Starch like Corn Starch? Hopefully they don’t grow hard enough to actually hurt people.

Good call on the detergent, I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection myself.

When you tried the detergent did it have any noticeable effect?

They looked really clean and sparkling

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Beast Pro typically advise to add a few drops of detergent, they have also recommended silicone lube spray in the past.
Baby oil was another suggestion around the time the LDT gels were released but I think this had to do with people experiencing blockages due to their often larger than normal size.
I have tested these additives in a range of combinations and through differing builds and whilst they might have a degree of effect on firing the most significant effect I can report is that they are all detrimental to the operation of your Hop up.

A lubricated gel ball will slip past the friction plate in your hop up and not receive the benefit of rotation intended.

Or in other words, they might shoot faster but they fly all over the place.

Hope this helps


The starch idea sounds interesting, corn starch would be best I think. Need to make sure it is fully dissolved in boiling water, then add cold water. Will try myself, but will not be shooting these at anyone, just in my back yard.

The silicone batch I grew yesterday didn’t perform any better or worse than the regular batch. Maybe I did it wrong, but I think I’ll avoid the extra step and just grow my gels in the fridge.

I’ve got a batch growing in a corn starch solution purely for testing purposes, I’ll be getting the Mrs to plug me a few times to see if they’re actually safe for field use out of a stock blaster. Hopefully they’re just more aerodynamic and not like a pellet. My hesitation comes from any starch residue that might leave deposits in the t-piece, barrel and other exposed parts.

Anyway, I’ll post up any welts for evaluation.

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Maybe you could mix some alcohol and grow them in that?.. then, instead of just sho0oting people, you can claim you were just…

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Try mercury. It is quite heavy.

Back with the starch infused gels. I started with the clear gels, as I thought I would be able to see a greater change in the composition, if the starch had been absorbed or not. I then did a 6:1 solution of water to corn starch. After letting them grow, the gels weren’t any more opaque to the normal clear gels, they were very slightly firmer, but that could be due to the ‘freshness’ of the gels.

I’m going to start a grow with 2:1 water to starch tonight and report back in the morning.

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OK, with the gels steeping in corn starch goo, still no absorption of starch. Beginning to think this is an urban legend or I’m an idiot. The process has involved letting the solution cool before adding the gels and then adding it back to the fridge. Obviously that isn’t working.

I’m going to try a new test where I add the gels to the still warm solution to see if that encourages the starch to deposit with the water inside the gels and leave it at room temp.

Thanks for sticking with me

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Ok, thanks for testing this.
So you are fully dissolving the starch in boiling water beforehand ? Starch doesn’t dissolve properly in cold water. The solution should end up being clear, not milky.