Adjustable hop up for P90

I have been looking at getting a hop up for the P90 but dont want to pay $30 for a poor quality 3d printed one. I decided to design my own instead.
If anyone is interested is making one feel free to contact me and i can email you the stl file otherwise i have provided a link to purchase it but i put it up for an exorbitant price to protect my intellectual property.
Anyone on this forum though can have it for free the only condition is they let me have some feedback so i can modify it and make it better later on.
Its my first time using cad software so i’m sure i can make many improvements on it.

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upon printing turns out the barrel attachment is sightly too large maybe 0.3mm or so.
will re-vise and re-print, when i know its working fine i will upload again.
if anyone want to tweak it they can still have the file anyway.
The opening on top suits an m3 screw to adjust hop up.


hey bud my email is [email protected] would love to throw this on my p90 and check your work out. I have a 3d printer so should be able to print it and give it a go.

cheers mate

no problem. just at work right now, the moment I get home I’ll send it too you.

awesome cheers bud. be keen to see how it goes. we’re u able to iron out the kinks. my mate is a ■■■ on cad so if you have anything else he might be able to help out aswell

yeah the newer version i made fits fine and works very well. depending on the print quality of the printer the adjustable hop up part should work well too. I used an adventurer 3 to print it and these settings are sweet for that. I’ll send you the stl so you can use any slicer you like tweak it.

Hey man been looking for a hopup for the p90 that doesnt look trash. Would love to try out your print to see how it goes. [email protected]