Advice for buying full metal blaster

I am considering buying a second blaster, this time a full metal one. I’m tossing up between the Tactical edge Platinum range, the Azraels Armoury range or the Hawkex HK416 although that option would only have a nylon gearbox.

I also see TE and Azraels sell some blasters that have different names but look identical leading me to think they are from the same manufacturer.

Any advice or links criticisms regarding these options would be appreciated

Rattler will steer you in the right direction to getting a metal blaster with nice machining.
Hawkex HK416 could be months away from delivery and by the time you put a good box in it you could have bought one from Tac edge or Azraels.
If you can go to the shops and look at them and you can check upper to lower fit yourself.
Had 3 instances mine and friends where Tac edge blasters did not work out of the box as no pretesting is done.
No idea if Azraels test them before shipping. Ask Brent

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I live in the sunny coast so might plan a trip to Brisbane to check them out in person beforehand if that’s the route I end up going down. Thanks for the advice.


I was looking at getting a kublai k3L, full metal outter, even the buttstock, metal gearbox, but then… I seen it comes with plastic gears, not even nylon haha.

It’s not a metal receiver or a metal gearbox ?

I’m not positive, can’t find much on it, but the review I found last night said it’s all metal

If it’s a stock K3L it has nylon receiver and a standard Kublai nylon gearbox.
I have pulled one down and was like WTF !
For over $500 It is not good value.
Don’t get me wrong it has a lot of metal parts and is a beautiful looking receiver but not a great performer in stock form

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It was $620. Disgraceful price by the sounds of it haha. Back on the hunt haha

The Phantom range from here are probably the best quality receivers I’ve seen for the price and the Boar looks sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Also the Wells full metal blasters from m4a1 and the MK18 pro are good value at $499 but the Phantom receivers are nicer.

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Yeah I like my wells, but I’d like to get something different this time. The phantom are quite nice. I’m in 2 minds wether I want a normal rifle or a cqb though. So many options :exploding_head:

What did you go with mate?

I have an MPX and Titan which are Azraels version of the Phantoms
Oh and both are now quite long :grin:

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I was looking at the titan, very nice, but out of stock haha.

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You don’t like the Boar ?
Azraels might be getting more of the Titans if you ask.

I do really like the look of the boar, love the black multicam, and the length, I’m guessing it would be quite accurate.

Well maybe :thinking: It could be made accurate lets say :rofl:
I love the Black multicam too and the overall look

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That doesn’t sound very convincing :joy:

That second one looks like a tactical walking stick :joy:

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I have the Azraels AK74S, short model with folding stock. Is a copy of the AKS74U.
Very happy with it, well made & very solid. Mostly steel & aluminium construction, only nylon part is the grip. The APS gearbox in it is pretty good too, metal alloy. I do recommend the Azraels converted APS model blasters.

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