Advice for new build

Hi all, just planning my next build, which I’d like to be have 16:1 gears for that slight bump in rof and probably running 1.3 spring. Few questions I had,
I was thinking about gen 8 as the base, but is there any benefit from paying the extra for higher end base like hk416 or slr?
Is silver wiring needed, or what point would silver wiring be a must have?
What should I keep in mind when choosing a motor?
I’d prefer not to run a metal gearbox (to keep cost down), will nylon (with metal gears ofc) survive okay?
Anything else I should keep in mind?

pics for attention, my current ones :slight_smile:


sorry i am new so can’t help you there :pleading_face:
just wanna say i really like that clear top receiver build :smiley: :ok_hand:

also curious if that red charging handle is a red metallic one? or you painted the stock nylon one?

its not a direct or reliable correlation but higher cost base usually have better quality nylon, stiffer components etm.

metal gears in a nylon box work a treat - and here’s where nice nylon actually counts.

silver wiring isn’t a rort perse but seems to be more of a marketing gimmick for the most part. what is important about wiring is its ability to handle the current drawn which is a function of motor and spring. doesn’t have to be “silver” just has to be able to handle the current and fit in the box.

on that note, silver wiring typically has thinner insulation.

motor selection is a consideration for ROF and desired spring weight which is definitely a function of what style of game play you intend on using it for.

clear as mud?


It is not actually silver. It is tinned copper wire in a clear insulation.
It was a gimmick for speaker wire back in the 80’s
It is per say, snake oil.
Good quality wiring is a good thing. But saying the wire is “silver” doesnt indicate quality in this case


Tinned copper is not snake oil, I agree it doesn’t necessarily mean better quality and won’t make an’t difference to the current flow.
It is made to be more resistant to corrosion and black death, it has been used for decades in marine applications and the mining industry use it exclusively.


@icarus1314 thanks, the clear receiver is just the top half of the wells with the nylon lower half. I’ve grown to quite like the look😅. As for the red charging handle I just spray painted it


There are some awesome Gen 8 builds around… the only thing that let down the Gen 8s was and still is the cheap ABS plastics and lack of fire selection. All that can be fixed pretty cheaply with a few changes. My Gen 8 M4 is a little ripper and with all the internal metal gear and cosmetic changes came in at around $200… not too shabby for a 300fps blaster.

Picking up broken blasters is another way to aquire a bargain too… stripped out gears and such are an easy fix. I picked up a neat KVV2 with a burned out motor for $30, new motor cost $15. Half an hour of work and done.

In the end, it’s whatever floats your boat. Just make sure decent upgrade parts are available for whichever one you choose. :+1:


do you mind sharing where you got the front guard from and all the little red bits? I have an upcoming build that requires red bits and im to find any!

Can’t really answer any of the questions sorry, quite new to gel blasters

where do you find these bargains? I’ve been looking for a little bit now for projects lol

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the handguard and buffer tube i’ve bought off aliexpress (painful waiting for shipping), the other red bits I just spray painted


thanks for the replies everyone,
whats the difference between 460 and 480 motors and any advantages with one over the other?

The 460 is slightly shorter so you need to use the correct one to suit your blaster

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For the time being, I’m picking up bargains at my local porn [sic] pawn shop. They don’t really want to stock them so they’re happy to let them go for SFA… that’s where the KVV2 came from.

When you’re bargain hunting it pays to know the cost of the repair… keep your nose to the ground and you’ll find them.

Also keeps you busy and sane during this lockdown we’re going through. :+1:

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porn eh… :rofl:

i suspect pawn?

although i’m keen to get in on the action


for the sake of learning , what else would I need to upgrade/consider if opting for 13:1 gears?

you REALLY want to dig out most all posts from @Hiroshima_screamer

he’s the man where it concerns crazy high ROF builds and gotchas with post after post of things that you will need to be aware of heading into this adventure.

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You need a slower speed high torque motor, quality metal gear set, metal rack piston, quality bushes, upgraded wiring and switch and a good handle on short stroking

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@zeHamish hmmmmm… there DOES happen to be a porn shop directly across the road from the pawn shop…

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it… :joy:


My advice is don’t until you get some good experience under your belt

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They shut that down yesterday, I saw it on the news :rofl: