Advice needed, Failed DIY

Hello everyone.

New to Gel Blasters but got given a m4a1 Gen 8.

Used it for a few days then went to my local store and asked about upgrades.

They recommended and sold me a 1.3mm spring. 7mm barrel, metal spring return and green o-ring.

After fitting these parts the gels got crushed and stuck in the t-piece and barrel.

I refitted the old barrel and now the ■■■ seems to have no power. The gels just build up in the barrel and drop on the floor one at a time.

Anyone know what i could have messed up?

Thanks in advance!

Are you using the white milky gels…these are much smaller and the only type suitable for 7mm inner barrels.

Also are the gels fresh? gels that are a few weeks old tend to fall apart easier and can frustrate trouble shooting attemps.

How long is the barrel? is the volume at least 2X the cylinder volume? If not you could be getting suction.

The final issue you have seems to be an air seal problem, try using 2 part apoxy (araldite) to close all air leaks:
A) glue the nozzle to the cylinder
B) glue the t-peice to the barrel. Making sure not to get any glue on the inside of the parts.

I would recommend a 7.2mm inner barrel, check all air seals, make sure there aren’t any rough surfaces around the t-peice/inner barrel, check barrel volume and ensure your t-peice is aligned properly.

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failed is a bit of a strong term here…you’ve much to learn which you will pick up along the way

and we’ve all been there.

muzza is spot on though

your gels will be too large…and even many of the milkies may also be too large for a 7.0mm barrel. you’ll need to do some reading on growing gels to consistent and smaller sizes. sorry but there doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast goto timetable on this one

your power issue is air seal. on top of muzza’s glue recommendations i’ll add

  1. hot glue the barrel so you can get it out later
  2. cylinder head to cylinder using epoxy if you are ok swapping both out later otherwise PTFE and elbow grease
  3. stretch the o ring over the cylinder, put it out in the sun for a few hours and let cool overnight on the cylinder before reassembly
  4. watch low guido’s vid on lubing the things, there is a way…and more importantly a way not to
  5. SUPER LUBE! i’m a recent convert and this is the shiznit all purpose awesome lube

on the barrel diameter…i have a couple of 7.2ID barrels…when i get good gels they are demons…any other time i’m cannon fodder and very very grumpy…for this reason i’m looking to convert to 7.3ID so that i don’t have to d1ck about with gel size (that said, i’m also getting around to building a gel grader, when i could be arsed)

above all…patience. sometimes you just need to test, test, retest, think, test and repeat…its much better than rushing it and wasting game fees on the day

welcome to the sport anyway…baptism by fire…you’ll be all over your caper real soon i suspect



Take the 7.0mm barrel back and get a 7.3mm… then stop fiddling with it and have fun :+1:

Then get another blaster to pull apart and ‘fix up’

Better still, now you have torn into this one, probably better to buy another blaster, just fit a 1.3mm spring and a good O ring and leave it alone (and reliable)… bunny

Many new blaster owners get their first blaster and straight away pull it apart to ‘modify’ it (AKA f*ck it up) then, because they have no blaster to play with… lose interest and give up on blasters because the blasters are too unreliable.killbunny

People who buy their first blaster, take it home and pull it apart to ‘make better’ … don’t have a benchmark feeling with the blaster to know if their ‘making it better’ has actually made it better, or more likely, made it worse…ceazy a%20what%20the drama

You need to have one reliable blaster to play with whilst you are trying to get something going that you are making ‘better’ badluck laughing%20(1)


Thanks for all the advice and suggestion. I will have another go tonight using the above!

Also dont worry we have two more floating around the house. So while this one is out of action, we are still having a blast.


If you haven’t already, check out Low Guido on You Tube. Best channel going for gel blaster advice. First thing I did when I got my M4 Gen 8 was strip it right down to components and put it back together to learn how it works. It was at this point I realised the anti-reverse latch and the trigger can be real pain’s in the arse to get back into the gearbox when they flick out and you spend an hour searching for where the springs went :grimacing:


Sounds like your tappet return spring isn’t working

LowGuidos channel is the second best… laughing%20(1)

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