Advice on good hop ups

Wondering if anyone has any experience with a good universal metal hop up?, the 3D printed ones seem good for a month or so and then they get dry and brittle and end up breaking

i like the all metan rizer so much i converted all but one blaster to them,.

they have a nylon one with a metal tongue that i hear good things about and in one way i consider them superior since the adjustment grub can’t pop out of the nylon version

I agree on the Rizer. I have the nylon Rizer and it performs really well. Something to keep in mind is that the generic, coloured gels won’t survive the metal tongue 40% of the time. Means you’re required to use milkies or another ‘hardened’ gel.

I have seen a nylon war interest hopup with a metal tongue around, very similar to the rizer. Haven’t heard anything about it yet but it seems to be aping the design somewhat, must be comparable to the rizer I’m guessing

The V1 Rizer hopup was such a success it sold out and so they have developed the V2 Rizer which has to be better because it’s a V2 :wink: anyway I have had 3 on back order for about 6 weeks. Grab one if you can.

I am having success with these moulded nylon ones, they adjust top and bottom.

They look exactly like the V2 like you said to me? How the fark do you get gear so quickly?

Easy ! I walk into M4a1 in town and they take money off me , simple :rofl:

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Oh wow, I take it back, the rizer and the war interest hopup are very different. Would someone be able to explain to me what the gaps along the side do?

My guess is that like the ones along the bottom of the hopup, the air escaping from those gaps prevent turbulence and impart some directional spin as the gel exits?

I live in a bigger town than you and I can’t get local…I think the enemy is hiding their wares :thinking:

I would say it allows the high speed air to escape as the gel leaves the inner barrel so as to prevent unwanted spin and let the hop do its job better


I bought the last two they had yesterday and they had to take one off display :frowning:

We are talking about the V2 rizer which is identical to the Warintrest ones.

With that in mind, I wonder if that design would benefit those blasters pushing the higher range of FPS than a hopup without or only one of those gaps? With more pressure eased at exit, less turbulence and maybe more accuracy?

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The bottom adjustment plate is very smooth and the upper hop plate has ribs like the Rizer. I like how it can be adjusted to keep the gel centred so the top plate doesn’t have to be screwed down so far, it suits all different barrel id’s better.

Ah, gotcha. I’ll keep an eye out for either of them then. Seems like we’ll be hunting for them

Oh definitely! I am using them on a 360fps and a 380fps set up so we will see how the hold up , so far they seem great :+1:

I would love one of the new Rizer v2’s but they are like unicorns :frowning:

Still waiting bro, but you will know when I get one.

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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr of course you did :laughing:

Happy to send you one bro :+1: