AEG recoil kits

Interesting but of kit here for the realests out there. I’ve seen similar from ZC leopard but can’t find those in stock anywhere.

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I’m guessing from the looks that one fills the buffer tube (where we usually put our batteries)?

If you were to get that to work in a gel blaster oh god that would be deadly

I’ve got the perfect blaster for this… M4 with the option of a lipo in the foregrip… empty buffer tube. :+1:

Problem is, it’s an old ABS Punisher V2 and the proprietry buffer tube would probably self destruct in a couple of mags. :joy:

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what does this thing actually do O_O?

It simulates recoil by firing a spring loaded weight against the back of the blaster… pull the trigger it kicks into your shoulder… or your groin if you’re doing something with your blaster you probably shouldn’t be doing. :joy:


Puts an additional load on the gears and piston, which are already marginal in most blasters, to make the blaster more difficult to use in a game? (It will lower ROF as well)


Seems like it could upset piston travel and cause some issue in the long run, especially when one is not shimmed…

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Just an unnecessary drain on the battery and strain on the blaster.


Yes yes all valid practical points… But it’ll still be cool to have a Blaster with a kick :sunglasses:


I agree 100%

So I am guessing this kit could fit in the new Modify blasters sold by Aussie Hobbies ?

Should fit in most M4 platforms that have a buffer tube mount

Dunno about you guys but I just shake the shit outta my Blaster when I sho0t it. Gives the same effect and it’s not like it’s going to get any less accurate :joy: