Aftermarket mosfet boards

Are there any fet boards out there that have the ability to change modes with a switch? I know you can program them but I want to be able to switch them like on the vector. Semi/burst/auto

I made my own mosfet which only goes fully auto but don’t like the fact it just randomly stops in any position when the trigger is released, like when the spring is under compression. I also like having the semi mode.

There are couple out there. Most of which are V2 based though.

One such example that was just released from T238.

i’m interested.

a bit thingy about drilling holes in my box to accomodate that fire selector but it looks like a real effective alternate to the merf or leviathan

Sounds good and good price.

It also fits into the handle of my Vector which is fine as I’m running an external 3s battery from my FPV stuff.