Aftermarket T Pieces vs Genuine

There’s a shcool of thought that some aftermarket t-pieces can cause feed issues that you don’t get with genuine ones? I’m of the understanding that the aftermarket ones are better quality and give a better air seal.

Anyone experienced this?

I changed out my stock barrel on a Gen 8.5 to a 7.5mm alloy berrel from M4A1… came with an aftermarket t-piece. Seems I’m smashing more gels than I did with the M4 in stock form. I’ve checked that everything’s kosher, checked for excess glue, etc and all seems okay, clean as a whistle. The nozzle wasn’t touched at all. I run an 11.1v 2s, 1.3mm spring and the gels I’m using are orange Ausgels grown in the fridge over a day or two.

Should I be changing to hardened milkies? Maybe swap the t-piece for a genuine? I swapped the spring back to standard, . I use the orange Ausgels from M4A1.

Any and all advice, as usual is greatly appreciated. :blush::+1:

Most of the aftermarket gen8 and gen9 I have seen were all good, but I am sure there will be shite out there.
The ones that give the most trouble are the Vector aftermarket ones.
Maybe you have a misalignment issue or it could simply be the gels, the ones I like for a 7.5mm barrel are the LDT milkies.


My guess would be maybe your gels are growing to big or to soft, being in water so long, maybe try put them in for 3-4 hours and give it a go, instead of over a day or 2. The guys in my local store where telling me the aftermarket ones are usually a tiny bit smaller in diameter then the stock ones.

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Definitely no alignment issues going on, I’m pretty meticulous about those things, Rattler… but yeah, you might be right about the gels… these orange ones do seem to crush pretty easily between the fingers…

I’ll give the LDT Milkies a go, I’ll just keep the orange gels for lower powered hand blasters.

Found out on google maps I have a blaster outlet two blocks away… :joy: that’s dangerous.

I hear ya, BenT… though I’ve tried growing them all ways, matey. Four hour soaks, overnight, in the fridge, outta the fridge, tap water, distilled water… :joy: same result. Splitting in two or smashing straight out of the barrel. Even removed the hop up, same result.

I’m gonna put it down to the gels just being too soft and get a hold of some hardened milkies.

The Orange ones are crap

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STD Milkies in now. Still split a couple, but better.

I pulled the mag apart, cleaned up the inside edges and bottom aperture of the feed tube a bit, there was a little plastic flashing around. Also took a little plastic off the stop block at the top of the feed tube that stops the gels from falling out.

A local tech suggested that if that wasn’t pulling back out of the way far enough when the mag locks in it can nick the gel on the way up to the t-piece. Seemed reasonable… :thinking:

I’ll let a few loose tomorrow and see how it goes. :+1:

Have you tried it with no hand guard or outer barrel on it ? Even slight pressure from these pushing the t piece out of perfect alignment causes breakups .
Also remove the hop up if there is one installed and also make sure there are no burrs in the muzzle end of the barrel


I’ve tried it without the hop up but not without the hand guard, Rattler. Good advice though, it’ll narrow down the possible reasons. The muzzle end of the barrel is smoother than a baby’s clacker… checked that.

I’ll give it a crack tomorrow when the neighbours are awake :joy: cheers!


Oh it has to be as smooth as a porn stars ass :rofl: