Airsoft Australia - WA About To Make Huge Steps!

Not sure how many people follow this, but I’ve been chasing and following this information on legalizing airsoft for many years. Just recently Western Australia’s Aaron Stonehouse has submitted a new bill for modifying their current legislation on firearms to allow for Airsoft.

This is huge news!

Word is, that our (QLD) police minister has stated they are closely watching how WA pans out.

Specifics inside the bill I am unsure of. I would love to know if they have tried to implement Joule limits or maybe even licensing as a compromise to allow it. Anyone who has more info would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t do Facebook but can still read this info -

Yeah, cool, was aware of this alright.
But will not be celebrating till the bill is actually passed. Would be awesome, a good friend of mine lives in Perth too, ha ! Doubt if this will ever become legal in Vic though…

Fingers crossed that it passes although it does mean more hard earned being spent to convert my babies to airsoft I’m still all for it

Having had a decent look at the Firearms Act several times trying to piece together the real issue, I believe it comes down to definition and understanding on what we are talking about. Airsoft isn’t mention and the closest thing we get in the Act is an airgun, which if you visited a fair when you were younger, is that game where you shoot the little pellets at the cans and stuff.

Is this a step forward?? you bet it is, I think the issue sits with the understanding of airsoft, people see ANYTHING that looks like a real gun and is basically like “Well its clearly a real weapon”, disregarding what it actually does/shoots. With that said, I believe gelblasting is a perfect stepping stone to airsoft, we are tackling the main issue with realistic looking weapons, we just need to behave until people can actually see out intentions are entirely recreational/sport related.

I completely understand both sides of the argument, anyone could use a toy which looks like a real weapon as a tool to inflict fear, terrorism or robbery. I personally believe regardless of any kind of Act or legislation, if someone wants to get a weapon… They will, its not great but its true.

We have an uphill battle but if we keep on pushing we will get there. I have no doubt at all airsoft will get unbanned, its just a matter of time.

Depends on the act you are reading, all states are different. QLD mentions Airsoft specifically and says they are a prohibited item, both parts and whole guns. Also, 6mm plastic BBs are classed as projectiles and a prohibited import (not that that stops anyone :rofl:, as the rule is stupid considering I am able to buy 38 cal ball bearings for my slingshot without a problem).

But yes, I fully agree that this is all dependant on our behaviour in handling Gel Blasters. It will have a huge impact on Airsofts future here. I am a believer that anyone using them in a stupid way, like drive-by shootings, they should be charged as if they are real firearms. Those are the idiots we DONT want in our hobby or community.

Some of the videos I’ve seen with people in parliament getting questioned over Airsoft have no clue what it is, they think we go around shooting at each other with Air guns and slugs. :rofl: So some education on the subject will hopefully also help out when they research for this new Bill.

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