AK-47 3rd Generation/V3

AK 47 3rd generation It has 2 battery compartments one in the butt the other external its very solid not sure whats its made of but feels rubberized.
$260 at the moment but they are up there with the wells build quality very solid and heavy for a blaster.
you can buy it at the moment but bigger shops don’t have it only very small shops hard to fine.:expressionless:
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Is that the new jinming j11 I’ve been hearing of?

I’m pretty certain it’s not. There are a few bits on that which look a lot inferior. The box certainly is a different company. I’ve noticed that every time a new blaster is about to come out, a lot of sellers put ads up for the previous / older versions to try and sneakily sell them off. I’m not saying they outright lie about it, just be a bit vague to try and catch people off guard.

All’s fair in love and war I guess… haha

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Yessum seen countless listings online like one was saying he’s got brand model Kublai gearbox and was selling $69 I had a closer look turns out their knock off as missing the couple things fr original like the green tab for terminal springs mounted on it

Wow really, selling a Kublai for 69 bucks. That price is a red flag straight up.

I actually don’t mind the look of the pictured gun. But I think I’m ready for some licensed gear or better internals from stock guns at least. We are getting a lot of pretty new guns but the same shit inside.

Yep second that rocks but I’ll even be happy if our Polly prissy pants state gov. Let Vic have as much fun n as qld

What you need to watch out for is not the things that are cheap, it’s the things that are expensive.
Hypothetical Example: There will be an old out of date UZI that’s selling for around $40. Then there is an announcement that JM is launching a new nylon UZI expected to be $220
Then all the people with the old UZI take new photos of it and put their price up to $210 - $230. People assume it must be the new one and buy it…

Totally agree with you on that one mate except in this instance a couple things caught my attention as to how genuine it was. First the overall colour of the gearbox shell, but that could always been bad photo lighting but when it was claimed to be a brand new model??? Released start of June…yet tha Kublai gelsoft only recently came out. And the battery spring mounts on the Kublai are much better but this one had them like singularity m4a1 nylon gearbox no

what is this mystery ak?

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