AK 74U Dive in and Mods

Tossing up between an AK74U and a LDT MP5. But looking at yours, undecided now.

Mag size should make that decision for you

Yeah… hard to beat an AK for that… a drum mag on an MP5 though…

I am by no means sjm fan but credit given… They are the Toyota of blasters

Remember that Toyota made the supra too

JM sell a lot of gear, but they’ve got a bit of competion now. So it’s nice to see they’ve upped their game with the 74Us.

Battery access is easier too.

Mine came without the retention pin…easily lost?

I took to the battery recess with a Dremel to give my 3s some more room

Best tool EVER


you are not a tool


Certainly not the best tool ever at any rate

That title is owned by my dremel

waiting to see what you made with the 5.5inches i sent you