AK Optics and attachments (For Slav purposes)

Ok, so we all know about the new Alpha king AK 74m,74ms and 105. But what about our sweet as optics? Well from my research I believe that we probably can put okp-7s and other super slav attachments on the AK side mount (obviously) but also we can use the picatinny 20mm dust cover from the RX AKM 47 on the Alpha king AK and vice versa if my assumptions are right. I will have a google doc full of links to the “cheapest” Okp-7 holosights and the dust covers below. Also I have found that we can use the AK side mount picatinny rail which I will also leave a link to on the doc from Evike.
if you have any thoughts on the topic, information on cheap part for AKs gel blaster or pics of you AK gel blaster, join the talk.

The Google Doc link

also on another topic while we are talking about slavic stuff, WHERE IS MY SVD DRAGONOV GEL BLASTER BLYAT!?

happy blasting gamers.