Ak105 280fps out of the box

Hi all. I just watched low guidos video on the ak105. I wish i saw this before ordering 75$ more parts for my m4a1 gen 8. Metal gears , 280fps out of the box.

Yes, but no word on accuracy, could be like the LDT HK416 which shoots 260 out of the box but half the gels fly off into space.


The barrel looked quite long, and I was impressed by the build quality (as was Low Guido). Maybe a hopup would help improve accuracy.
Hopefully, LG has had a chance to rebuild it, and test the accuracy.

According to Guido’s video it has o-rings on the inner barrel, so it might not be that bad with lubed gels and an ok hop up.

hop up has no effect on accuracy, it only enables some more distance.

Nothing can make a gel blaster accurate. Sure, when you have your blaster set up well and the hop up tuned perfecyly, you can always hit the hub cap at 20 meters… , but that is generally because you know where to aim to hit it… not looking through a scope or something

When mucking around with friends we often call which target to hit… we mostly just spray and guide the stream of gels to the target from the hip. I have watched friends try to look thru scopes and optics, but generally there is not enough adjustment on most optics, to have the barrel where it needs to be pointing when the scope is on target…

Not sure what you are trying to say, if you can consistently hit a target at X range, then the blaster is accurate to X range.

not sight accurate… you know where to point the blaster to hit the target.

If you put a blindfold on a person and set them up at a range at a target with a gel blaster with a scope… then remove the blindfold so the guy is only looking thru the scope at the target… if he ever gets to hit the target looking through the scope… you will find that the scope is not at all lined up with the barrel… it will look totally wrong.

A blaster without a hop up will have to be aimed higher as the gel follows a parabolic arc ending up on the target… add a hop up… the blaster can be aimed lower and the gel will travel lower, then, as it slows down it will climb, then follow the arc…

Once someone knows their blaster and hop up, they can actually turn the hop up some degrees to either side of 12 o’clock… and shoot around a tree or obstacle…

What I say is, once someone knows their blaster and hop up… they can hit a target very well… but that is skill and knowledge, not sight accurate as some sort of other ball of greater mass (lead) and rifling making said ball rotate on its axis

It is a fascinating topic…

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Seems to be more a discussion on semantics =P

There may be some other term I don’t know, but when I say ‘accuracy’ I mean all the gels hit roughly the same spot at a range of about 20m, I suspect this is what most people mean when they talk about gel blaster accuracy.

As for sight accuracy, I don’t use scopes, but I do have a laser site which I tuned to 15m and which my modded Gen8 will happily hit that spot consistently when fired.

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I am not knocking gel blasters at all… they are my favorite toy. I am the same as you, I can quickly aim and hit a target and keep hitting the target… but I know at that distance, I have to aim, for example ‘this high’ and ‘that far to the left’ and the poor guy better yell ‘hit’ or I will keep spraying him laughing%20(1)

All I am saying, whenever I see threads where people are chasing ‘accuracy’ from a gel blaster… no matter how many FPS… in fact, if you get much over 300FPS, they tend to get extremely inaccurate… that unless someone comes up with gels with much greater mass… and a rifled barrel… they will never be ‘sight accurate’

I have friends that run around with their blaster at their shoulder, looking thru some sort of optics… like some swat duuude rofl and I just start spraying from the hip … and start hosing them

Much fun :+1:

Part of the reason I mention this whenever people stare asking about getting a sniper style blaster… I just don’t wan’t people to lead themselves on thinking that any mods they do to a gel blaster… will make it sight accurate for one gel at a time over any distance more than 10 meters or so.

If someone has a sniper style gel blaster that can hit a 2" circle repeatedly on a target at over 20m and maybe 25m as well, using a scope, I would love to see it and would happily stand corrected… (and, I would want one) :+1:

That’s the dream, we’ll get there one day

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