AK105 out of the box quality

Hi all. Recently I purchased an Alpha King AK105 after watching all the reviews saying their getting around 260-280fps out of the box.

The first one I was sent came in the Creatve Pyramid box, only shot 200-240 and semi wouldn’t work even if you adjusted the fire select.
I sent that back thinking it was faulty.

Next one came in the black Alpha King box, but does the same topping at 250fps and semi fires twice each time, then the trigger does nothing unless you move the selector.
Both running 11.1v.

Is this normal? Did most the reviewers just happen to get lucky and I got really unlucky?
Seems quality on these is nothing to boast about in my opinion besides the actual gearbox.

Eventually I’ll tear it down but wondering what to look for in regards to the semi not working right.

I experienced the same. Had an Alpha King 74MS on order when Low Guido did his first video on the 105. Said it was the best blaster out of the box he’d seen. Great gearbox and 280 fps. I thought this should be good.
Mine did around the 240-250 like yours. Put a slightly bigger spring in it and it went to 270-280.

The semi auto problem - seems a lot of people had problems with this, including me. Have you tried pushing the fire select lever down past the “semi” groove in the receiver? Worked for me. Low Guido talks about it in his video where he puts wood handguards and stock on the 105. I’d link to it here, but for some reason I can’t seem to put a YT video in a post anymore.

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I hope this is the one you want ?

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That’s the one, thanks mate.

@Foxshot, it’s at the 8.44 minute mark in the video, save you searching for it.


mine used to double fire on single shot until I opened it up and put back together the external gears, now single shot works perfectly (however i still have to pull the selector switch a bit past the groove)

Got to say, I’ve been more than happy with my 74MS, was going to look around for another as a basis for an RPK mod.

Really have had no probs other than a bit of mag feeding issues but l understand there is a group called Rusfor on FB with some mods for it, but l have not found them yet.

Have not clocked it but seems ok with out any internal mods so far

I also bought this based on Low Guido’s review and am happy with what he’s has to say on it so far.

Can’t see myself going the full metal just yet, and if you are happy with a nylon reciever then l think this is still the best option.

Cheers for that, unfortunately mine doesn’t work like his does. Fires double every time then locks up. Doesn’t matter how far down I push the selector.

That does look the goods. If I could find wooden furniture under the price of the blaster I’d make the switch, can you still fit a 11.1v stick in the battery compartment?

I haven’t tried another battery, so can’t say.

It’s a tight fit and l re routed the loom already to make it easier, that’s an original laminated timber hand guard so there is not much more space l can create.

Just a follow up for those that have similar issues:
After taking the gearbox apart I found it was bone dry from factory. The reason for semi not firing singularly was a metal piece that slides under spring tension was getting stuck.

Oiled up semi will work perfectly.

Also spring I got in it was a 1.2 but I had to modify the spring retainer to suit as it only fit 12cm diameter springs when all my aftermarket ones are 11cm. Anyone else find this?

Try using some different gels and measuring fps for each as well. I have found that certain gels will be as much as 30fps higher than others depending on the blaster.

Hey mate, how did you modify the spring retainer? Just file/sand it down so it can fit the smaller diameter springs?

I tried sanding down first but the spring wouldn’t spin freely, ended up with an SHS metal spring retainer. Just had to file down the wings to get it to fit in the AKA box.