AK47 J11 Arrived

Hiya guys,
My long awaited J11 AK47 has arrived and boy,does it have and impact, the fps is high,the built is solid,overall Im impressesed with the blaster,the only problem is,its not consistent,sometimes its shoot straight,sometimes all over the place,
Q: what kind of hop up i should use ?
Q: can i shorten the barrel,will it affect the performance ?planning to make the Alpha AK replica,
Thanks for the help guys


The jinming ak47 is very hard to get accurate just like a real one, but start with alloy inner barrel and pack it tight to the outer. That’s as far as I’ve gone with one of mine and it helped a lot. Also don’t put 1.3mm spring, 16-1 gears and 11.1v through it with it’s standard barrel length, most of gels just hit each mid barrel and mist comes out the end😭.


Thanks lysurgic,will keep that in mind,did u use a hopup ??im keen on knowing will it improve the sporadic shots that my ak is doing,but the curve gel ball is an awesome sight to see

No I’m just not a hop-up kinda guy, don’t know what’s wrong with me exactly, many theories have been formed over the years.




Well everyone has their own theories i guess,but will be doing some experiments after this and will keep u guys posted

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Hey mate I just finished putting a 1.3 spring, and a green gasket in my AK-47 J11… haven’t tried it yet cause its late but thought I would get on here and ask a couple of questions as I don’t have single shot mode only safety and rapid fire… and the first thing I read was not too Doo that… I had a laugh as it was a pain in the arse and itvwascgood how it was… hopefully I didn’t waste me time and money… does any one know what’s the cause of no single shot??? This is me first gel blaster so I’m green as?? Cheers…

I have two of these j11’s and one is fiddly, it only gets into single fire mode from safety to single not full to single. And only after i pulled mine apart to do the same upgrades you have done also. But it’s not the parts we put in, it’s the weak gear transfer from one side of the gearbox to the other. It has too much play in it. And it’s possible to reassemble these gears incorrectly (ie gears one tooth out). I did that too.