AK47 modification, kindly advise


i am newbie and lately own a AK47. That’s no one in my team using one like mine. Hard to upgrade and uneasy to get upgrade at its best are some reason so far why they never fall in love with AK47 although it looks very combat-ly tempting . i believe they are expert out there could share their expertise combat using this toy. Thanks.

NorthBorneo Mate

If you have the nylon gear 7.4v version stick with 7.4v, upgrade spring and o ring. get rid of the blue bits and replace with black, go with metal gears also. I got another 2 batteries and made a harness up for mine so I can run 2 batteries at once so I get 3600Mah at 7.4 volts, goes all day. Get a hop up as well.

If you have the 11 volt metal gear version I would go down to 7.4v, because of the shifting weight recoil feature they have shake them selves apart at 11.1v.
Do all the other mods I suggested above but also be ready to replace the tappet plate and nozzle as these are the first things to crack.
Type in RX AKM47 on ebay and you will see all the parts come up.
If you want extra batteries search for gel blaster batteries and look for the ones that look very similar to the original one but is 1800Mah, I couldnt find 2000Mah ones anywhere

Good luck and happy blasting


i have the rx amk47 and am very familiar with teardown and rebuild

i’m removing the “recoil” from it soon.

in general its been great fun but a disappointing performer

tac ops have youtubes for blaster & gearbox teardowns. download them

upgrades…plunger and ladder, plunger head, cylinder head, hopup

i still run mine on 3s (11.1v) metal gear version

Yeah i have seen those vids from tac ops but I know a guy that does great work. He has been doing it since day dot pretty much and i am more than happy with the reliability and performance. I like the recoil i wouldnt want to loose it. I am also happy with the rate of fire.
Have u got a hop up on yours. I found they not only increased distance but grouping as well.
When mine breaks i will be doing all those mods u suggested but I will be keeping mine at 7.4v

G’day mate. Could you please post some pix re your harnes system for batteries.


Yeah man for sure when i get home.
Very easy just need 2x female 2s balance plugs and 1x male balance plug.
Male balance plug connects to orig plug on blaster.
Eaxh battery plugs into the female plugs then solder the same colour wired together


1st pic is the harness i have made.
2nd pic is how it started. You should be able to see what you need to solder. U shouldnt need to use the middle blue wire as the harness out of the blaster only uses red and black.
3rd pic is my harness in use.
Hope the pictures explain what I did.


Brilliant pictures. Thanks a lot.
Do the batteries and wiring all fit under the battery cover? (hope you know what I mean)


yep sure does, tight but fits no probs

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Nylon gearbox casing coming soon for these! Can’t wait

Nozzle and switch break ofter as well

Hi Matt. That’s encouraging to hear a good AK upgrade story. I’ve opened mine up for a black out and was purely going to stick to that, but I’ve gone this far may as well pump up the performance with spring, o ring and gears. What type of spring would you suggest for metal gears on 7.4 volts? Cheers

No nylon casing :sob:

Spring and battery aren’t really connected being the battery’s ability to deliver enough current to the motor to pull it back.

I run a 1.3 (really need an m###) in my akm. I’ve heard of boxes shattering with 1.3 and heavier.

I did disconnect the blow back though to save a little stress.

Wouldnt go more than 1.3 unless there is a nylon box availabe. Shim job and get of any air leaks and should be good. U could even re wire it so u dont have to pull back the charge handle after changing a mag and I would also change the plunger as they tend to crack and also up grade the trigger switch.

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do anyone know how to remove the blowback or recoil part for RX AKM47?

hey Irvin:

that is actually really easy.

you need to partly dismantle the akm so you can access the metal slug
remove the retainer and spring from the end of it and the slug simply slides off.

there is a tag in the slug you can remove
you can leave the slug out entirely
there is a spring on an arm attached to the slug that you can remove also.

all options remove the blowback functionality.

if you are uncertain about the akm disassembly process, tac edge to an outstanding tear down video


Has anyone experimented with BARREL LENGTH?
Although I like the 1:1 scale, I’d happily chop the barrel and mod the outer barrel (maybe metal) for better performance.

if you look on the LH aug vid for Guido’s chop shop he explains the barrel ratio thing.

Hey guys, I am a newbie to gel blasting and wanted to know what way to go around taking out the recoil system for longevity.

thank you and kind regards