Ak74 silveredge v3

So after seeing the insides again in tac edge’s v3 box video , and making alot more sense now , I noticed a few things like theres a metal sector delay chip.
I thought these were more for feeding issues with lower ratio gears? , or short stroked pistons etc? which I know nothing about. Is it really necessary being 18:1 with 14 or 15 teeth and 100% cylinder?

Considering using the SHS 18:1’s I had for a gen 8 box build in the silveredge as the vid said they drop straight in (need to be modded on lathe for gen 8??) and maybe cutting down an SHS piston to fit the blowback with all metal rack as the ak has half nylon/metal rack.
Dont really trust a nylon rack in a metal box. Actually very surprised by this and I have no idea how much use the AK in the video had , but the rack seemed fairly munted already. He ran his fingers over it when talking about it but glossed over it.

Changing the black oring would be good too , so would wiring a switch in for mag prime.
Bit scared to open it up until I really have to but bit more keen now.

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The delay chip may or may not be necessary, but like you say it probably isn’t for moderately slow gearing ratios like 16 or 18:1. The manufacturer probably just puts them in as standard so when Timmy chucks an 11.1V battery in it they don’t then have to deal with him complaining on the forum that it doesn’t feed properly any more.

Also, if it’s a conversion from our hard balled cousin sport, it can help the blaster feed from mags with dodgy springs. So that might be the answer?

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Yeah I never really considered the 11.1v aspect lol. That might explain. Im not going above 7.4 and tbh i think its so tight you have to re-locate the battery to inside the stock .

The aps are a direct conversion but use the RX brand ak mags , so originally gel type.