AKA clear packet gels: are they real?

So I recently bought two packets of Alpha King gels from Azrael’s Armoury, and they arrived in a clear packet (shown in image).

Now I’ve heard that these are potentially fake and I was hoping to get sone opinions. For the record, they’re absolute garbage, jamming and gunking up my 280-300 vector. On my friend’s 300fps m4, similar story. I’ve tested them at 2 hour soak, 4 hour and overnight, performance was awful each time.

My question is did I buy junk, or is it perhaps something on my end, bad blaster compatibility etc?

Welcome to the group, Mitch :blush:

If they’re from Azrael’s I’d say they’d be genuine… they’ve got a solid reputation.

There’s another thread on here somewhere about this, can’t recall the outcome. But some sellers are rebagging and selling them in different quantities, I believe. :thinking:

Thanks, good to join. So you’re thinking that it’s not the gels?

Was it alpha kings that are going to stop making gels , but continue to make them for other companies including aus retailers etc

Ps. never heard a bad word against azraels

I bought a packed of AKA’s just last week. Wasn’t from amazon but my gels are clear not milky or white, and are a lot smaller in size even (un-grown).
I grew them for 4hrs and haven’t had a problem with them. My Well MRT is shooting tad over the 380fps and the hold up really well. I also use them with my awm which shoots over 500fps with an extremely tight bore (6.7mm) and having no problem with them.

I was a little confused when I saw you pic of them in a clear packet and a larger then my gels (at un-grown stage).
This is the packaging my turned up in

Some of my AK’s came in clear pack, gels are clear and hard same as the coloured pack I have. I can’t see any difference. They are larger ungrown than your average gel.

So in your experience, these gels are fine and they simply aren’t the right guys to use on my vector?

Unless you control the growth to make sure they are smaller the the barrel id they are just too hard for a stock Vector and will jam

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I have a green ring, 1.3 or 4 spring, alloy nozzle, extended alloy barrel and an 11.1v though. It’s not insane but it’s not stock.

Hmm different again to the 2 I have . 1 of mines branded aka ,one not sure , yours has nothing?

My 3 versions.
Aka brand-geniune 81grams.
Azreals-I trust their stuff 81 grams.
Gelballmod-exact same packaging & witing onthe back as azraels 84 grams.