AKA Hop-up Screws

So, I was just adjusting my hop-up in the backyard when I noticed one of the screws fell out. Damn I thought, I better make sure the other screw is in so I thought I tightened it. Fired off a few more rounds and went to adjust and realized ALL screws for the hop up were gone! Does anyone know where I can find replacements? Is it a Bunnings job or do I have to buy a new hop up?


you’re looking for a 1.5m grub screw

i like rizer hopups because they come with a ton of spares

when i get my hopup set properly i usually drop in a spot of glue or nail polish

With the rizer hop ups iv always woundered why they have to spots for grub screws top and bottom does adjusting all four make a difference or do you just do the front 2

I’m low tech

Two you attach and one to adjust

Does yours have these to grub screws top and bottom?

My only thought is if you use the back one you can adjust it further down but can’t imagine need to go that far

Fixing grubs are either side but similar

I got a few nylon rizers a ways back, still building blasters to use them

I usually take the back adjusting screw out of my Rizers, haven’t had the need to crank the tongue down that far. :+1:

Makes a good spare at least :blush:

The back screw works really well if you tighten it right up and your if your going for that shotgun effect :joy:

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you may can visit https://www.asdscrew.com at there you can find the grub screw and otheres screws.

Nothing like a good back screw… I always say laughing (1)