Aliens Pulse Rifle Kit

Well, Xforce will be busy when the Thompsons arrive. Here is my kit for the M41A pulse rifle, just received it from overseas. Designed to fit the Tokyo Mauri ■■■■■■■ Thompson, but should be able to fit with a few modifications.Cant wait…


Hopefully, it will look like this when finished.
This is my Matsuo-modified Hero HCG pulse rifle, from the states
( working countdown meter).
Had fun getting that one in…


@Arty_Marty right up your alley isn’t it???

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@BME ok. Questions…

  1. where do I order this?
  2. what materials is it made from? Nylon? Abs etc?
  3. how is it made? Is it injection moulded or is it 3d printed?
  4. where can I order this?

I know question 1 and 4 are the same, but they are pretty important :rofl:

@Mysterio thanks for the @ to make sure I saw this. And in answer to your question: DUH!

I guess I have to order a Thompson now…


It is a G&P thompson to pulse rifle kit. Originally an ■■■■■■■ kit. These kits have been around a long time, and are pretty scarce now. I ordered it from safarasoft air in italy, but it was the last one they had. You might have to be patient / do quite a few searches to find another kit. Built from ABS plastic, kit seems sturdy enough, but probably wouldn’t wanna run around all day on a field with it…

Can I ask how much you paid?

Can’t wait to see one of these on a field

The kit was 199 Euro, plus 90 euro postage.
About 450 AUD all up, and thats before the Thompson.
Pretty expensive, but hey, there are a few things you just gotta have…

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It’s a gotta have.

I’ve been asking @Vas_Opr from XForce to get in the snow wolf pulse rifle for a while now… Hopefully he does. He wouldn’t have any trouble moving them…


very very nice, the display, is that an ammo counter? and the functioning ejection port cover is a nice touch, the price, yeah, alright, I like it

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I do have a snow wolf pulse rifle in NZ ( my dads unit). I thought about stripping the shells off, and bringing them back in. Didnt wanna risk it in the end. You can also import from hollywood collectables, the static, one piece resin, pulse rifles. A B709 gets them in. Better than nothing…

@BME are you kidding us :hushed: @Vas_Opr get on it! :grin:

Also a full size Halo rifle this time :rofl:

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It is quite sexy so i thought you would be in love at 1st sight lol
Better get that Chicago Typewriter on the way haha

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Yeah, the display is an ammo counter.
On the snow wolf, it counts down as rounds go past it.
The HCG counts down when you pull the trigger to.
You can even get a extra kit, with a small micro phone, that makes the pulse rifle sound when you pull the trigger!

The grenade launcher on the HCG is movable, but empty. The snow wolf one has a dummy shotgun shell in the breech…


@BME I’ll give you $900 for it :blush:

Nice try…I wont part with either!!
I reckon this will be the first gelsoft PR in OZ!

And The matsuo modified HCG Hero PR’s sell for thousands nowadays…

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Many Nerf shells could house blaster gearboxes. :sunglasses:

Was going to ask whether it had the sound effects also, that’s mad.

Whats the RPS on it?

The HCG hero is a non firing metal prop.

The kit for the thompson, will depend on the thompson.
Will find out when they land. Only plan to do stage 1 mods, want it reliable so you dont have to open it up for maintance regularly.

For the snow wolf ■■■■■■■ pulse rifle in NZ, I never chronied it.
I believe it does about 750 rpm on a 7.4v batt, about 400 -450 fps using .2 gram bb’s.
Higher rpm (around 1100) on a 11.1v batt.
Very, very accurate too.

It cuts through a empty drink can , no probs, at 10-12m.
Leaves serious welts at close range too, even under clothing…
Wish we could have them here…

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