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Sorry they shs. Im sure i down have one…

Can’t remember, 1.5 or 2.0mm

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I use an eraser on the end that does ink to clean the commutator and brushes

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Electrolube is a conductive spray you can get from Jaycar.
Very useful for conductive surfaces without the slightly corrosive and gunk-collecting qualities of other electro-friendly lubes.

For the mechanical stuff I use Inox spray and Superlube.

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@Cruise So when u spray out the motor. On what areas are you sprayin the lube? n where to avoid? Dont wanna ruin my motors… The one heard of is an like an oil and ya puts acouple dropss on top n bottom of the can and spin the motor manually!
?? I think i did see that spray when i picked up eltronic cleaner spray it was next to it i think?

I only spray out the motor when flushing it after running in or a game.
Carbon brushes and commutators are self lubricating and anything added will just collect debris and build up between the contacts.
Light oil on the bushes perhaps but the less inside the better.
I scrape and clear debris between the contacts on the commutator when checking the brushes but that’s usually all.

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Yeh thats pretty much what i wanted to no…


This can be installed inside the blaster with just a hole to access the reset or just the top parts protruding.

They come in different ratings and use a bi-metallic strip so will pit and wear out eventually so can still be socketed.