All the Air seal talk

Originally streamed on my RPM Blasters page. I run through ‘all the things’ that help you get that gel ball down the barrel efficiently.

Like the video? Well make sure you really ‘Like’ the video on YouTube.


Watched this some time so.

Long but very informative

I’d like to get hold of the double o ring piston head to try.

i went to get one the other day and no love…

i usually super glue them in but didn’t

the wells is still 320+ which is a loss of about 15fps but at that value i don’t mind

I’ve got them definitely worth getting

awesome vid mate definitely great for those just starting their mods. (if only this vid was around when I got into blasting 3 years ago lol). and sorry Alfred hate to burst your bubble…but I’m the ‘brown’ o-ring man :triumph::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol

Just 5 min epoxy the nozzle head to the cylinder.
Will never leak or come apart.
Never have to worry about the oring then.

The o-ring thing was a joke and only issue with that is if you decide to change it later on. Where the double rings stay put and don’t need gluing