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I watched some videos on how small springs are made a while back… I had always thought these small springs would have to be formed and then heated and quenched etc… so I was totally shocked to see the videos showing the springs being formed on everything from lathes, drills and home made machines/jigs.

I was dumbfounded to realise the springs are just wire bent around an arbor… piece of dowel, drill bit or even a pencil… cold… with no further treatment, other than the thing the wire is wrapped around has to be a bit smaller than the finished spring size…

I had no idea you could straighten out existing small springs and re wind the wire to form your own design…

I posted a video in another thread just now, but i think a thread on everything to do with springs would be very handy… so everyone can pick up ideas, share their own ideas and just discuss all aspects of our small springs…

Of particular interest… is what ‘donor’ things have good springs we can use… and what sources of spring material there are? Yes, you can buy ‘Piano wire/music wire’ from ebay, but you can also buy mig wire, tig rods… stainless welding rods… guitar strings… tie wire in gal, steel and stainless…

Feel free to add any spring related stuff here :+1:


Here is another video where the dude made a hand cranking home made spring jig :+1:

Using wire rope strands as the donor metal!! :+1:


Springs on squirty bottles and soap / shampoo pump bottles are really good quality. Always worth keeping.


Now where did I leave them squirty bottles I kept, just to be safe, the other day…


Bloody amateur hoarders… Pfft…

If you want some tips on how to do it properly…


I really needed a spring today for my mag release, since mine flew so far I think its orbiting the moon at the moment. With a bit of hunting I dug out an old battery carrier you can pick up for next to nothing and viola 4 springs ready to go, I just snipped one off and wound it into the release button hole and it snuggled up perfectly between the inner of the receiver and the little circular tab on the gearbox. works perfectly.


Smarty pants! :flushed::rofl:

I bet you still have trouble finding stuff…:upside_down_face:

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I don’t actually @Calcifer. When I’m making something it just pops into my head “oh, the lid off that deodorant can from 8 years ago would be perfect for this” and I can picture which tub it’s in.

Finding the file or screwdriver I had in my hand 3 minutes ago however… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


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I’m a nurse…


Oi, speaking of springs - can someone tell me what the M110 designation means compared to, say, a 1.3 designation (which I understand more). I did try looking it up, but my Google Kung-Fu is weak.

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Well, my guess is that 1.3mm is self explanatory… the spring wire is 1,3mm…

Without looking at a M110 spring, I would hazard a guess is that it is Metric… 11.0 mm thick

However, I could be wrong… I mean, I was told I was wrong once (I just didn’t believe it) :sweat_smile:

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M series is the power, based upon 1 joule and .20 gram gel.

M100 = 100 meter/ second, .20g gel = ~328 fps.

M110 = 110m / second, .20g gel = ~363fps

Courtesy of Reddit.

I plan to write a calculator soon. Meh

The question is what is the average weight of various gel sizes?


Still it’s kind of useless for people who aren’t rocking Airsoft (useless: CBF converting to spring thickness).

Guido did a video where he weighed heaps of gels… :+1:

Not really.

It’s a weight based calculation for small projectile

And it’s easily testable

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If anything, the M system sounds more accurate; I’ve seen Guido’s vids with two same-same 1.4 (or whatever they were) springs that weren’t - wait for it: the same.

Is there a direct conversion between the two, give or take? Like an M90 = ballpark 1.3?

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From testing in my blaster a 1.4 unequal from xforce gave me 370fps average and a element m135 gives me 400fps average. Element m125 was also around the 370 mark

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