All this for plastic toys

so they are gel blasters?

they definitely make it sound like he’s got an armoury

Toy guns wouldnt make the story as “sensational” as the media need these days…

Note they never once used the word “plastic” :roll_eyes:

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Are our toy gel blasters legal in NSW?

I got a shock today to get an email from one of our very own gel blaster shops, promoting new stores opening in Qld… surely they understand that they are actually ‘shooting themselves in the foot?’ They have silhouette pics of the very automatic ‘killer’ rifles that terrorists use, on the logo/signage to promote their business?

This is doing the sport and hobby of gel blasters no favor at all… in fact, it is giving the very people (the haters) even more ‘ammunitian’ to ban our toys!

Even the sex toy industry knows not to have giant dildos in the front window and blow up dolls floating outside their shops? The windows are generally blacked out, or obscured… those who like giant dildoes and blow up dolls can go inside… those who don’t want (to be seen) liking them, can not have to be seen seeing them.

Cigarettes are not allowed to be on display in shop windows… because cigarettes are deemed bad and a touchy subject… I think the gel blaster shops should do the same… just have their name in the window… no pictures or silhouettes of ‘killer guns’ and crosshairs or other targets on display outside for the anti’s to burr up about…

We need to maintain a low profile… not spread fear amongst the wowsers…

Come on M4A1! black out the windows, remove the ‘killer rifle’ that the wowsers will zero in on from your logo outside the store. Sure, keep them inside the store, but not out in view of the haters!

We all need to stop making our toy blasters look so realistic… they frighten the public pansies.

Gel blasters have already been given a bad name… M4A1, you could/should have ‘Toy Blasters’ on the outside advertising… any customers looking for you will recognise you by your name… you don’t need an AK47 or whatever ‘killer g*n’ (public perception) on your logo?

Be more discrete… or we will all be made look like criminals… and then we may loose our toy blasters and right to play our sport. Not only businesses… the rest of us need to stop making our toy blasters look so realistic… like another ‘port arther’ about to happen! We should not be ooking for the most realistic stock, the most realistic fore grips … we need to make them look less real, like painting them gold, red, blue or something that shouts ‘toy’ … we can always camo wrap them when we get to the field… so you are not looking Ultra-gay running around with a pink blaster laughing%20(1)

Wake up people… before it is too late. Less exposure to the public wowsers, the better!

All of this publicity will end our sport for all of us… badluck

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One one hand I agree…

There is no need for our equipment to be so realistic

On the other hand…the population need to pull their heads out of…and take a reality check around the legitimate and larger issue of weapons handling and safety.

Society needs to stop swallowing the fear propaganda around projectile weapons and handlers need to behave responsibly and not do dumb ar53 sh1t like drive by gellings n the like.

The T word and indoctrination of snitching (see something say something) has produced a series of hypersensitive snowflakes without any legitimate experience or understanding of what they are afraid of

Fear for the sake of fear because they are told to fear…

Nerfing our equipment up does nothing to address the public ignorance which is the root cause.

We’ll be having a blast around the house in a couple of weeks and my neighbours are really good with me but I’ll be going to the adjacent houses with a g18 and introducing them all to the realities of the toys just in case someone else they have over freaks out and calls the popo


M4A1 and other shops could gain untold free publicity by blacking out your windows and removing all ‘killer g*n’ images from public view… then get the TV news to come and see and be interviewed… and state publicly (to the wowsers) that you ‘Understand the public don’t like to see these images, so we have decided, in the interest of fairness to all, to make the tools of our sport less visible to those who dont choose to play along side us, less likely to be upset by seeing them’

Or something along those lines. Being proactive in keeping our haters happy (well, happier) will go down much better in court later on, if you can state that you did this (removed pictures and blacked out windows) to make a real effort to calm the wowsers… rather than just have lots of frightening (to them) images all over your front windows and signs.

To get your windows covered for free… you could maybe ask taggers to do some nice ‘graffiti’ on your windows… (nature scenes or some tree hugger ish stuff?)

I agree Hamish, but, here in Australia, it seems that the squeaky minority always wins out over the masses… really, we cant fight them about that… we will loose. The best we can do is to publically appease them buy trying, at least, to make an effort to keep them as happy as we can.

The wrong person (a rich person) who happens to walk past a shop, openly selling what looks like real machine g*ns… may find themselves inclined to ‘take them to task’ over it…

If, however, they walk past a blackened window with M4A1 written in the top corner of the window… and smiling people walking out with big brown cardboard boxes… they may not even know what is being sold from that shop…

It is just a suggestion and my opinion… but I do think it has merit.

We in Qld and SA can then continue to play with our toys… and toy blaster businesses can continue to sell toys and make people happy :+1:

I know it is a pain in the rrr’s… but one side has to try and not upset the other (the whining minority) … in this case it wont be them… so, unfortunately, it will have to be us.

If WE are actively seen to be trying to make peace with THEM… it will look much better when court stuff happens down the line :roll_eyes: even if it makes us puke%20(1)


I totally agree that some of the gel blaster store owners could be stupid idiots.

If you look at some of the TV reports they have images of bad ass looking guys with beards and tattoos all over their arms pointing a blaster directly at the camera and shooting it.

It directly matches the image the media shows of bike gangs that have reall illegal g*ns and do sh00t people.
So instant fear and a great sensationalist news story to show the world.

Then you hear the store owners crying about how the media twisted the story.

That confirms how stupid they may well be.

The media asked them to aim at the camera and pull the trigger, and they did it? What the hell did they think the footage would be used for?

I’ve got nothing against beards, tattoos or gel blasters, but is this really the way to promote a fun family sport?

Even if you do have a beard and tattoos you could make it look friendly like this

I am not trying to single anyone out or any particular retail company out but seriously. Bad news sells. Good news, not so much. Don’t make it easy for them.

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You are right… We (in the states that you can legally own a blaster) should be very pedantic about stuff, like always wearing eye protection when using blasters, teaching kids (and adults) not to shoot at unprotected/unwilling people, advising blaster owners to not show their blasters in public… store owners should have like a contract… that the buyer has been advised of the current laws and what to do and what not to do… then the buyer signs it and keeps a copy… so when ‘the law’ comes after everything gel blaster… they can say “we actively try to educate OUR customers… see here”

If people who own/sell gel blasters act in a very professional way, it will make the ‘anti’s’ job of disgracing us and our sport much more difficult.

Same as if ‘good’ gelblaster owners/retailers see some idiot with a gel blaster, in public, or even at an event doing something really stupid/dangerous/illegal… they should happily dob the d!ckhead into the authorities… so the authorities can see that the genuine gel blaster community is attempting to self regulate… and yes, not very Australian… but people doing/videoing stupid things like laughing about hitting a friend in the eye with gel balls, or doing anti social activities with blasters… (here in Australia) should be tagged for removal from the intertubes or farce book for the same reason.

Sadly, we need to really start protecting our sport… now, before some buffoons ruin it for us :roll_eyes:

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What you typed here mate is almost precisely what I put on the Blasters facebook group. I suggested a signed document outlining the owners responsibilities and recognition of the penalties for breaking them ( how QPS and SAPOL would fine and react), I even offered to write up a draft for analysis by the stores and police agencies to show we are being proactive. It was ignored and I was told they" already tell them this at the time of sales". We need proper black and white proof we are trying to do the right thing.


So many people in this thread with their head screwed on and really thinking of the community, it’s fantastic.

Just one thing we need to be careful of is ‘bartering’ to far with the minorities who detest our sport. Once we have something set in concrete its really hard to get more leway from there.

Example - Australias current laws on AS and also our current weapon laws are over the top for the law abiding. I do appreciate the laws, but I think they are excessive for those who have a proven positive record.

Also, like anyone else here, if I see someone doing something stupid with a Gel Blaster, I will speak up.


see this is what happens when the limp wristed pathetic crettins sing like canaries. whatever happened to the phrase ‘snitches get stiches’ I will always live and die by that code…others should take a leaf out my book. fcuk it makes me sick to hear the jacks only knew coz some dog lagged him in


So true… but, in this day and age, a vocal minority often gets the laws changed because they push their dribble… sad but true.

We have a couple of choices… we can do things to annoy them and get up their noses… or try to be as invisible to them as possible… sadly, the second is probably our best option… if we want to keep our toys badluck


An interesting twist, they were in fact colourful lightweight kids toys…

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The persistent and malicious misconduct of systems that reportedly represent us needs to be called out.

This might end up being a good flash point but I think it will probably be made go away quietly


Wow, quite an embarrassing case for those police involved. Not a proud “catch” at all. I’d appreciate our tax dollars going to fighting actual crime, but hey, you don’t always get what you pay for.

Thanks for the update man.


“Over $5000 in cash” the dude was a dealer, jeez modern media is wacc, now I know why boomers are playing this hobby, also its why I’m glad I enjoy the same hobby