Alloy vs SS barrel - exploding gels

Got an annoying problem with every 3rd or 4th gel coming out as basically a mist.
Tried different gels (armourtech green, yellow & milkies), all do it, some are worse.
Started thinking it’s likely to be barrel internal finish, it’s just a cheap ausgel alloy barrel.
Around 330fps, well MRT.

Would a mirror polished SS barrel reduce the tendency to explode gels?

do you see any visible damage or sharp edges and such in the inner barrel assembly?
also are the gels fresh?
coz even at stock setup i was getting a lot of AT milk shotgunning out of ebay alloy barrel,
which turn out was due to the gels being old,
after i made a fresh batch, that issue was eliminated until gels been left for a while.

also, no sure if this helps, but,
Galápagos J recently uploaded a vid on gel hardness,
which at the end he suggests to use certain gels with certain spring rating,
in which, if you exceed too much in terms of FPS, it will cause deform and even breaking.

from my experience with some of the gels he tested,
AT milkies would probably be around 1 stars rating on his chard,
which was suggested no to be coupled with spring more than M80 rating, which is about 260 fps,
so it might be possible that your FPS is simply over the threshold that said gels could handle?
if you have a weaker spring, maybe swap that in and see what happens?


may be helpful to inspect no glue has leaked into the t piece when gluing your barrel to it.
also can’t hurt to take it apart and reassemble it again to make sure everything its seated correctly


Try aka gels if you haven’t already. I have a tight bore barrell (7mm) and m100 spring that shotguns every other so called hardened gels apart front aka gels, they are mint

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But I reckon I found the issue, there is a bit of a ridge where the end of the barrel meets the t piece plastic, not quite central.
Taking a tapered reamer home from work today to sort it.

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That is definitely a problem, the barrel will slice the gels up and they’re done

If it were me I would start over by removing the barrel from the t piece and using a new one.
If you use a reamer you risk damaging the barrel

It’s a small ridge, maybe .005", I’ll take a chance on a tapered ream & order a decent bruisemaster SS barrel & new T piece shortly.

Well, that worked, I lightly reamed the t piece end of the barrel to match it up to the t piece, then rolled up some fine wet n dry & lightly sanded it, knocked off internal ridges in the t piece with the wet n dry as well.
Bingo, significant reduction in spattered gels, only the odd one now.
Strangely it seems to hit a little harder as well, but that could just be imagination.

May try a 1.38 spring in it again for shits n giggles now it doesn’t turn gels to mist.

It’ll do just fine till I stump up for a bruisemaster.

While I had it apart I switched the battery connector over to a deans connector, was going to rewire with heavier wire but decided the original wire was thick enough, just the connector was wimpy.
Got a new turnigy battery on the way as well.

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