Almost finished

Its almost finished. Just the foregrip and light to go.

And yes that is a huge holosight, I bought it a decade ago from DX. Thought why not finally use it.

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Nice job Simon that looks sick as tits bud :+1:
Someone is prolly gonna say it so might aswell be me ! Small penis ? :rofl::rofl:

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If I put my reading glasses on it looks great :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

In all seriousness I bought to use it for crossbow shooting, it allows me to keep track of movement and stops me closing one eye.

But in the end of the day I am not looking for real steel realism, I was just going to keep the flip up sights but thought Id chuck it on to see how it looks, and its so its oversized to the point of being silly, I like it…

It looks good mate :+1:

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You better give us a run down on exactly what is in this bad boy and what she can do :wink:

SLR Receiver
SLR M-Lok Rails
Fighting Bros V3 Gearbox
Fighting Bros T-Piece
Standard 7.5mm ID Alloy Barrel
22amp capable, silver wire rewire
“King of Destruction” 36,000rpm (CHIHAI MOTOR CHF-480KA-8014)
Knurled metal outer barrel
SLR barrel end
A J9 buttstock hidden in the battery bag
Sliver wire running to a 30A rated fuseblock fitted with a 20amp fuse, then to an XT-60 connector.
1.3 manganese spring
The battery bag holds 2200mAh Turnigy, can fit up to a 4000mAh one in the bag.
Popup peephole sights
Penis extension sized holosight
Steel sling mount at the buffer tube

FPS is about 280 (cant go higher that 300 on SA fields)
ROF 7.4v 650-rpm, 11.1v 1120’ish-rpm

Have a Rizer R1 hopup for it, but have a more “interesting” one on the way, so will wait for that to arrive.

Torch and erg foregrip should arrive within the fortnight.

Think thats it…


Looks the goods - I am looking to do a build soon, first one, and the SLR looks to be a good starting point.

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