Alpha King 105, what is the best battery for it?

Looking for either a 7.4v or 11.1v battery that will fit quickly in my front hand guard for my CPAK105. Thanks guys!

Can fit upto an 11cm stick. I’m running an 11.1v ok but yet to try out a 7.4v to see the difference.

how easy is it for you to fit this in your blaster

It’s not hard with a bit of practice, but it is the most difficult blaster to swap batteries on that I own.
I just connect the battery then place it in the centre piece of the cover. With all three pieces together in one hand slide the back piece in first, then compress the spring and seat the front. When putting in the pin push the lot forward.
…hope that makes sense :roll_eyes:

thanks.dont worry it makes sense

also what battery and charger did you buy?

i hate changing the battery in this blaster, so i just bought a huge 6000mah battery, an open triangle stock, and a velcro pouch. i intend to re-wire the battery through to the rear, put battery in pouch, and the pouch is velcro strapped to the triangle stock.

The ausgel in the picture is what I run in the ak105. Boslipo and Turnigy for my others.
I use a B6 skyrc charger but make sure you get a genuine if spending money on it… not a lipro :laughing:also used a B3 for a while which was just fine.

I have both battery types. I swapped to the the 7.4v as its a bit more gentle on the gels. Also get lot less erratic fire.