Alpha King AK Barrel Length and Performance

I’m keen to hear from people that have actually used the various lengths of the CP AK.

As you know they come in three different sizes short, medium and long barrels.

Have you noticed any differences in performance (FPS, Range, etc?)

I have the ms with a 1.3 spring, hitting about 35 to 45 metres waiting on the hop up and chronograph to arrive


How’s the accuracy go compared to the M4A1?

Please don’t tell @Calcifer he will want video footage. Which I am still working on by the way :sweat_smile:

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Watch out Maystro… you are in a Murray sandwich… BBbbbwahahahaha

Ok so I just ordered the AK-MS (middle length barrel) as suggested above. Let’s see if she can out blast my M4A1 (M90 spring, shs gears, red Chi motor, 7.2 ID 40cm barrel)

I brought a MS, goes pretty good stock 260-270 FPS.
Haven’t used it properly, only in the shed.
Seems to fling the gels out every direction, not too worried though as it’s only for one of the kids.

When I can be bothered it’ll get the full fruit treatment though :ok_hand:t4:


Out of the box a lot better in my opinion kinda like comparing gold to silver, all three lengths have around the same distance and accuracy stock standard like mentioned some shots on auto aren’t as accurate (a hop up will fix this) however single shot is dead on 95% of the time, all three gear box internals are identical besides the shortest model which has a ported cylinder.

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With hop up 275-310