Alpha King AK74M Magazine Feeding Issues

I have a stock standard Alpha King AK not feeding gels from the magazine effectively. The results are very inconsistent. Once I went through 8 mags in a row no problem, and then a lot of the times I can hardly get through a mag without it stopping feeding a whole bunch of times.

I’ve tried 2 different types of gels (ones that came with blaster & TacEdge Hardened Gels) and both had the same issue. I’ve connected a battery to the magazine just to make sure it’s not the blaster itself, and the mag will feed and stop multiple times, often having to shake or hit the mag to try and get it feeding again. I have 2 magazines and both have the same issue. I have even opened them up to make sure the motor and feeding wheel are all working correctly, which they are.

I really like the blaster and want to hold on to it, but this problem is a real bummer.

Here is a vid of the issue.

Has anyone else come across this same issue, and were you able to solve it?

Have tried gold pack milky in the stock mag no problem yet

Do they use a spring that goes on the inner barrel in front of the T-piece? I found using a stronger one on my HK improved the same problem I was having with that

Thanks, I think I will try some of those out.

I’m not really sure what your referring to, I haven’t noticed any spring in relation to the inner barrel & T-piece, but I’ll will have a closer look.

@DANLOV - Hey not sure if you have tried different Gels. I have found that some do not feed as well as others. The Warinterest HK mag doesnt like smaller gels and won’t feed properly.

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I just received my Alpha King AK 74MS and the mag didn’t work At All. I contacted the supplier and they said some mags were faulty from new, they are sending me a new mag once they have tested it and are happy that it works.

I eventually found out it’s the feeding wheel inside the magazine slipping on its gear under too much pressure, such as a minor gelball buildup. When you pull apart the magazine, there is a little metal shaft that connects the plastic feed wheel to the gear inside the compartment. They are not meant to spin freely of each other, but they do. So I just epoxy glued the feed wheel and the gear into the metal rod properly to make sure it doesn’t slip anymore.

Easy enough to open the mag up ?

Yeah, a bit on the bottom slides off to reveal a screw, once that’s undone you can pull the whole inside section out of the top. Then the gear / motor compartment can open up with something thin to pry the lid off.

Thnxs mate so reasonably easy then. Cheers.

Yep it’s no problem. If ya need anymore info or pictures/video I’ll be happy to do that.

All good mate I just opened it up and can see what needs to be done i owe you a beer. Cheers mate.