Alpha King gels, wow!

So received my AKA gel balls today…

What can I say…they’re friggen amazing.
No more shot ■■■ gels exploding in the barrel, no more gels breaking in the t piece, no gel mess to clean up, no gel fragments in the magazine.
So impressed!


does anyone else get a little scared when @Hiroshima_screamer wets his pants over gel integrity?


Noice… :open_mouth: I’m more interested in the hard ware. Which box and cogs?


In the video? …

Yeah mate, sounds like a DSG. Definitely sounds faster than my 13:1 set up.
Have you got a reliable set up yet and what box is your fav?

Um there’s actually 3 blasters in vid
First is a DSG with 11.1 with 32TPA motor
Second is 13:1 with 28TPA motor
Third 13:1 with some motor I threw together (sons blaster lol)

I’ve gone away from high speed to super high torque, super quick trigger and cycle time.
I like CQB so reaction time is everything when you pop around a corner :+1:t4:.
For example the 32TPA is probably only around 16-17 thousand rpm but pair that with nd-feb magnets, hair trigger and a DSG …BAMO instant pain lol.

Oh and MK box for sure, can be a bitch to get right in different blasters. But quality and durability is second to none.


I got my AKA gels on Monday but haven;t tried them yet. Not sure if I’ll cream my pants over them but who knows? Maybe they are that good


Take a spare pair of boxers just in case lol


Thanks bud, CQB is def the new black up here in NQ where we have a couple of big ex indoor sports arenas which is so much better than running around in the bush at 35 degrees.
Sounds like my super motor M180 will be the perfect donor for my MPX DSG CQB project. Sorry I couldn’t finish typing the alphabet there.


I used my pack of Ausgel Ultras tonight and yeah WOW.
Extremely happy with them, every bit as good as the aka gels.


We need another low guido gel review!

AKA vs the new ausgels

I have three packs of AKA and well I can say they are really good… Definitely harder! But i haven’t tested the new ausgel milkys yet!

Ausgel Milkies or ultras?

I haven’t heard about ultras…
New, new formula?

The ultras are Ausgel version of the aka gels.
I believe they’re basically the same!
The milkies should be available again at this weeks end! I emailed Ausgel and that’s was they’re reply.

Sweet if they are the same I’ll buy from ausgel…
Keep the Aussie gel blaster business alive guys!

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Yes but they come from China anyway, so supply is still hit and miss.

Oh. I honestly thought it was all australian…
But also doesn’t come to a surprise.

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Where do you get the Ausgel ultras from? Not from Ausgel I guess since they aren’t on their website.

I also looked for the elusive ausgel ultras!
nothing but a video of them side to side…
( if that’s what they were comparing )

They only released a relatively small batch but more will be available in the next few days.

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